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Thread: Display Cover Wanted

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    Question Display Cover Wanted

    During my initial test rides of used Honda NC700X's I learned from other owners that the windscreen can direct/focus sunlight directly onto the display and start burning the plastic around the edges of screen. Even one with a smoked windscreen had a couple burn spots. I haven't found any aftermarket display screen covers, but rather have something to cover the screen to be safe. Currently I put gloves over it, but rather have something that sticks to top of display and folds down over display; would be sweet if could slide on top of display for riding. I plan to make a prototype myself, just didn't know if anyone else knows where I could get one instead?

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    Here's one that is version 3 at least by now.
    It's made from a "rubber maid" brand waste paper basket piece.
    secured with velcro strips from home depot.

    I'll send you one (free) if you want to PM me your address.
    (pictures below)
    Display Cover Wanted-visor4-jpg
    (NB) the voltage meter is just stuck to the velcro that holds the shade on.

    Display Cover Wanted-visor3-jpg

    Display Cover Wanted-visor2-jpg

    Display Cover Wanted-visor1-jpg
    (NB: the sides are not taped on. It's one piece of plastic, but it needs to bend to form fit around the instrument panel. I used a razor blade to cut, lightly, where I wanted it to bend.... so I didn't cut all the way through, just enough to encourage the bend to be where it should. The black tape is just precaution should the plastic ever separate there.... it won't.)
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