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Thread: Re-upholstering OEM NC700xd seat.

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    Re-upholstering OEM NC700xd seat.

    My seat is kind of hard and causes me pain after riding for a while. Has anyone ever just taken theirs off and just had it re-done with more padding and more comfortable material?
    After market seats are SOOOO expensive.

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    Senior Member Re-upholstering OEM NC700xd seat.
    Re-upholstering OEM NC700xd seat.
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    Spencer's in FL has redone the standard seats on my last three bikes, including my NC/w DCT.

    Punch <Spencer's motorcycle seats> into search and you'll get his homepage.

    He does a great job and the price is super-reasonable. :-)
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    I did the Seat Concepts and it's great! $175 if you install it yourself. I did it with the $30 Harbor Freight air stapler. Flatter and more supportive than then stock seat. Also a little taller which I like because I'm tall and need a little more seat to peg room.

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    You might find removing the forward slope on the seat helps:
    Seat mod......slope change

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    Seats are a personal preference and there are several dozen posts on the topic.

    Generally speaking softer foam is not the solution to better comfort........because it offer less support.
    One example of this firm is good ..........Corbin seats use very stiff or hard foam and many find Corbin seats an improvement over stock. Not saying Corbin is the answer......just do not jump to conclusion that softer foam is the solution to comfort.

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    Senior Member Re-upholstering OEM NC700xd seat.
    Re-upholstering OEM NC700xd seat.
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    +1 on the Seat Mod (above). It’s simple and easy and ultra cheap. But that, and a gel pad or air hawk cushion, will buy you some time and might even change your mind on a full blown seat overhaul.

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