Hi everyone. Okay. I have completed my first mod to the bike. I added the Denali DM Micro (sale and a vet discount...just made sense), Skene Photon Blasters, and the Admore smart brake light. I chose this after reading quite a bit on conspicuity. The “Long Configuration” , in my opinion only and for my typical riding environment, seems to have the most merit and benefits for improving conspicuity. Here is a link if you are interested. Triangle of Light | Motolight You can put the title in Google Scholar for the images which adds some clarity to the data/hypothesis.
Here are some pics of the with/without of the front and the addition to the rear. I am pleased with the outcome. But….any advice on neatening up the wires used in the install? DDUELIN.. i think that you had some advice on that in the past. I think it was you who suggested to me that I should upgraded to a better halogen headlight...did that too. Big improvement and thanks!

Admore, Skene, Denali Added-8nsbtcwc5drukwibi_eku_gnythc5rdzgw2v5sigw3opx92ib-jpg

Admore, Skene, Denali Added-nyzn6n0akdqlbwyfnzed3fcmyr_tlmrdpnzy0dlz-z4px92ib-jpg

Admore, Skene, Denali Added-z4pk4mnk_ox2gmnmg0voht_fyhlmvjc4kqrtmqjj9c4px92ib-jpg