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Thread: Dissembling frunk cover to add magnets?

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    I attach my tank bag by using a 1/8 in black cord at the front that i put around the metal loop that locks the frunk cover down. The two ears with the magnets inside are secured to the frunk cover with velcro. The bag did not come off even in a severe vertical run up a canyon wall and a side drop on to the left side from that rear wheel stand. But i did come off ;(
    Happened in Black Gap Canyon. Big Bend Nat. Park.

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    I went with the SW Motech ION 2 Tank bag that uses a bolt on “Ring” to secure the bag. (The ring is usually for going around a gas cap on a average motor cycle, but I just drilled some holes thru the Frank and bolted in on.)
    Dissembling frunk cover to add magnets?-bc_trs_00_202_10000_zusatz_10_web-jpg. Dissembling frunk cover to add magnets?-trt_00_475_12000_b_1_xl_web-jpg
    Easy on and Easy Off, But VERY secure with no straps when installed.
    If I ever decide to remove it, then fill holes with expoy or buy a new Frunk cover.

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