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Thread: Fobo Bike Bluetooth TPMS - Unboxing and Installation

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jos View Post
    Any ANSI B40.1, mine is grade B which is 2% accuracy.

    Looks like this one (I do not have this exact model), you can take it on road trips. TireTek Flexi-Pro Tire Pressure Gauge, Heavy Duty Best For Car & Motorcycle - 60 PSI: Automotive

    Sure it is not connected to your phone, but it gives an accurate reading.
    I just ordered the one you recommended, thanks Jos.
    I know I can't connect it to my phone but I can "calibrate" my FOBO after the TireTek, and use it when working on the bike. ;-)
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    Assuming the reading difference is a constant.

    But yes it would be good to validate if the Fobo is OK or way off, I would be interested in the results over a few sensors. The fact that the manufacturer does not specify accuracy is not a good sign IMO.

    I even check my gage with my neighbor's from time to time so we both make sure ours is OK... or that they drifted by the same value

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