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Thread: Repositioning my horn #2

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    Repositioning my horn #2

    Last year I had the single stock horn replaced by a Hella dual horn at the dealer. The #1 high tone was mounted at the original point, the #2 low tone was mounted under de headlight between the upper forks. At first this seemed fine until I encountered a big speed bump which caused a damaged fender by #2. Fortunately it was just a black paint stain which I removed quite easily with a alcohol damped cloth. Nevertheless I removed the #2 immediately.

    Meanwhile I posted this here and got some good advise for other mounting positions. Today I had the time and opportunity to make this happen, as just a single tone horn wasn't sufficient noise on the streets. The new position is under the right top panel where there is plenty of room. The wire was long enough to lead through from the bottom, the connectors were of less quality so I crimped some new high quality connectors together with additional weatherproof shrinking tube. Look good. The horn has a new 8mm (1/3") bolt, spacer & spring rings and nylon nut. It's snug but maybe a longer bolt might be wiser. Tested and approved, very loud again as it should be.

    Repositioning my horn #2-img_20170415_2ndhorn1b-jpg
    Repositioning my horn #2-img_20170415_2ndhorn2b-jpg

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    I'd like to have a louder horn but don't want to do too much modification for it. Looks like a relay would have to be added to preserve horn switch. Is the small black device a relay in this kit? if not, what do I need.anyone use this horn, looks like a good price.
    Super Tone Red Hella Horns Round Pair Compact Universal 139DB Loud Blast Set | eBay
    found the horn upgrade threads, so don't need a reply, thanks
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    This horn set to your NC? It can be done, if you have enough space for it because those red ones are loud AND very large in size... It's more suitable for cars.

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