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To each their own, but I’m not sure of the benefit of having a switching white and amber LED behind an amber lens. My guess is you would have a pale amber running light and a rich amber turn signal. Perhaps that is your goal.

When speaking of conservation of current draw, that makes sense if you’re adding more accessories to the bike with constant draw. However conservation for the sake of lights alone and no additional loads will be of no benefit because the simple voltage regulator in the NC just dumps the excess generated power in the form of heat.
The DRL's are a constant draw, 5W (each?) I believe when using the stock incandescent, with the flash going to 21W. This would drop to 3.1 (each?) with the ones I linked to. While not a huge savings for the DRL, that alone will offset at least one of the sets of LED spots/floods that I plan on adding, which will also be a constant draw.

I think you're right I would have a pale amber DRL and a rich amber turn light. While not a goal per se I would be OK with that as it would mean I should have a clearly separate signal that should be very visible. Worst case if I don't like it is that I go buy the clear lenses.