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Thread: National Cycle Vstream Tall Windscreen N20009

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    I'm considering trying one of these out. I've had a Givi on my bike for a couple years now and it's been OK. In particular, I still get a lot of wind noise. I'm curious if you're still happy with this, and whether the "in your field of vision" issue is still one for you. I'm about 5' 11", how tall are you and which size did you get?

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    About that slightly too tall windshield. I like my windshields two inches below eye level when seated straight up and looking 100 yards down the road. I find that in the rain a slight slouch has me protected.

    Anyway I have cut down shields to fit since my first Windjammer in 1976. It's quite easy to do. A jigsaw with fine blade and masking tape to protect the plastic from the saw foot and your in business. Finish off sanding the edge and it will look like stock. I've never ruined one.

    Buy tall, measure twice and cut once.

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    I have one and love it!

    National Cycle Vstream Tall Windscreen N20009-xxxx-jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by pmarcos View Post
    I'm considering trying one of these out.
    My experience, yours will probably vary ;-)

    The 22 inch VStream was a bit too tall, not for seeing over (I can see over it fine). More importantly as I posted before, it didn't work all that great due to buffeting that punched my helmet side to side like I was being pummeled by Mike Tyson. And, it was LOUD (I ride with a uber quiet Schuberth modular and ear plugs). Deafening loud. I have to run about 60 miles/day on Interstate 95 @ 75 mph and it was terrible.

    Adding the spoiler I referenced in my post (#8, and about 11,000 miles ago) made it 1000% better since you can actually direct the air flow and adjust the height/angle. The spoiler has practically an unlimited range of angles and heights to play with and can be fine-tuned to your requirements.

    I would probably have sold the screen if I didn't get the spoiler. Yes, the spoiler is that good. Pricey? Yes.


    The spoiler adds even more height to the screen, even when adjusted all the way down. If I were to do it over, I would get Vstrom's next size shorter screen or, I should have cut the Vstream down before I mounted the spoiler. Right now, with the spoiler mounted on the screen it is about 80 percent perfect and I'm ok with it. I've cut down windscreens before, and as posted, it is pretty simple.

    The issue is if I adjust the spoiler so I get a (relatively) quiet pocket of air, it is in my line of sight. No bueno.

    If you read this far, my disclaimer is that windscreens are highly personal and many riders find a stock [insert name of aftemarket screen] perfectly fine with no additional mods or pricey spoilers.

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