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Thread: Home made rear rack with gas hole

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    Quote Originally Posted by kpinvt View Post
    You need one of these:

    E-Z Fill Nozzle Key :: Aerostich Motorcycle Jackets, Suits, Clothing, & Gear

    I have had one for about 8 years or so and have had to use it at least a dozen times. I notice that in New England lately there are fewer stations that feature the recovery nozzle like the one in your picture.
    I have had a similar device since I had my Honda Pacific Coast in 2000. Very handy. But for the past year I have encountered less vapor recovery nozzles.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis M View Post
    I started working on this almost 2 years ago after seeing a post on here about someone making something out of a plastic cutting board, but then I got sidetracked with other things and put it off. Then Dale came out with his racks and I thought about getting one but they were too much $ for me to justify and I didn't like how the gas hole was in the middle of the bend, maybe it works OK but to me it looks like it would be hard to reach in to get the gas cap off, also I tend to sit to the very rear of the seat and having that metal against my butt didn't look to comfortable.

    So finally got around to working on what I had already started on, It's made of wood, a material I have the tools and knowledge to work with. I used scrap wood leftover from other projects. I did buy some angle brackets and spray paint but otherwise it was built using stuff I had on hand.

    Attachment 27207
    Preliminary test fitting I realized it had a wobble side to side and was going to need some side supports on the under side. getting those figured out was probably the hardest part of this project.

    Attachment 27208
    here you can see the side supports. I also chalked around all joints

    Attachment 27209
    Filled the screw holes also.

    Attachment 27210

    Attachment 27211
    Painted it black.

    Attachment 27212
    Attachment 27213
    Got me one of those locking gas caps for a Ruckus, perfect fit.

    Attachment 27214
    added some foam weather stripping to the bottoms of the side supports.

    I didn't plan it , but it's the perfect size (10X15) for a 1 gallon Rotopax container.
    There is no way to latch it down so for now I'm using a bungee cord running from side to side, I don't think it would come flying up while I was sitting down but if I was to stand on the pegs while riding the wind could catch it and flip it up.
    Excellent work on your rack! I just installed one of Dale's racks with the filler hole and the gas cap is very easy to access. How I need to get a locking gas cap like yours.

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    Supporting Vendor Home made rear rack with gas hole
    Home made rear rack with gas hole
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    I think about making one out of tubing but decided against as I didn't want to muscle in on Dales
    and beside I don't think it would be my worth while to invest in some thing that may not sell well not over here anyway.
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    and now that Dale isn't making them anymore, maybe you could make something similar.. If you so choose to. :{)
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