Ok I am learning that I must control the gesture of death. When I am cruising in my big SUV I have in the past maybe once or twice shown my distaste for someone else's stupid move where they pull out right in front etc. This weekend I had an idiot ignore her stop sign and pull right out in front of me. Well a modified gesture of doom arose (not death so at least some brain cells were controlling my id) and she gestured wildly back at me totally offended that I would one call her on her running a stop sign in front of me and signaling to her that "hello I am right here you _____________" Anyway it was at that point I realized that 1. I no longer have a huge steel box wrapped around me and 2. she had annoyed me but not caused a major wreck on a excellent test of my quick stopping skills and 3. Did I mention no steel cage to protect me. So I am learning body language control.