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Thread: Hello Moto Ladies

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    Supporting Vendor Hello Moto Ladies
    Hello Moto Ladies
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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Can Ride View Post
    Howdy from Texas.
    howdy from texas ya never in texas oc ya always out on ya bike!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flamewar View Post
    i am a newbie, this is my first bike, just picked it up in May this year and I too am still getting the feel of it although after a 4 hour ride over the weekend I am convinced I need to do something about the seat height and feel. I am also thinking about a little bit taller screen, maybe more comfortable grips and some bags for more storage. The frunk is definitely what sold me on this bike. My bike already came with the centre stand and a dc port in the frunk.
    woowww. cool

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chestnut View Post
    Actually I think you can get a farmer online...

    Anyway, here are two versions of my lovely lady
    touring set up
    Attachment 25541
    More dirt oriented
    Attachment 25542

    You can't really see the skid plate, but it's there. The big windshield will go back on for this weekend and probably stay there. It improves gas mileage by about 5mpg and makes for more comfortable freeway miles. I've been thinking about putting the trunk back on, and will certainly do it by the time A: I start touring again or B: my daughter can ride pillion and use it as a back rest.
    That rear rack is NICE!

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    Quote Originally Posted by walawn View Post
    That rear rack is NICE!
    +1 - I like the rear rack too.

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