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Thread: Fuel tank capacity?

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    Fuel tank capacity?

    I was just wondering how much fuel you guys can fit in your NC 700X. The manual say 3.7 gallons, but I usually only put in around 2.7 gal from flashing empty bar (I usually fill it up pretty quickly when it starts to flash). How far are you supposed to be able to go on the flashing empty bar (reserve in my mind)? I thought it was like only 20 miles.

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    Bar should come on with close to a gallon of gas left, so 2.7 about right. How far you can go on the last gallon probably similar to 1/2.7 times what you rode before the flash started.
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    People have reported putting in as much as 3.7 gallons, so the stated capacity seems to be accurate.

    When your gauge starts flashing, ride another 50 miles and see how much fuel fits. Then you'll get an idea how much reserve you have.
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    or... ride another 200 miles and you'll know exactly how much fuel fits and how far you can go (avg) on a given day...

    might be a good idea to carry some fuel attempting that.

    but seriously folks.... here's the chart I like to think of about how far you can go...
    it lists MPG first then how far you could go at that MPG.... (MPG * 3.7 = Distance)

    I avg. 65 MPG consistently, so I know that going past 240.5 miles is UNWISE.

    MPG Distance
    30 111
    31 114.7
    32 118.4
    33 122.1
    34 125.8
    35 129.5
    36 133.2
    37 136.9
    38 140.6
    39 144.3
    40 148
    41 151.7
    42 155.4
    43 159.1
    44 162.8
    45 166.5
    46 170.2
    47 173.9
    48 177.6
    49 181.3
    50 185
    51 188.7
    52 192.4
    53 196.1
    54 199.8
    55 203.5
    56 207.2
    57 210.9
    58 214.6
    59 218.3
    60 222
    61 225.7
    62 229.4
    63 233.1
    64 236.8
    65 240.5
    66 244.2
    67 247.9
    68 251.6
    69 255.3
    70 259
    71 262.7
    72 266.4
    73 270.1
    74 273.8
    75 277.5
    76 281.2
    77 284.9
    78 288.6
    79 292.3
    80 296
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    If you track your personal fuel consumption with Fuelly, it will tell you on average how far you can go on a gallon of fuel based on your riding style and conditions. It is pretty easy to use. You just record your mileage from your last fill and how much fuel you put in. The website will do the rest.

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    Supporting Vendor Fuel tank capacity?
    Fuel tank capacity?
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    I usually put in 10 to 12 litres but can't remember where the bar was.
    I just fill up on the way home at my local garage if its below the halfway mark.
    I've done 200 miles or so by the time the last bar start to flash.
    a lot depends on how I ride and most of the time I ride two up.
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    Can't remember the exact number, but the fuel light is supposed to start flashing when you have about 0.8 gallons left in the fuel tank. The owner's manual lists the exact numbers.

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    Thanks for the replies. I ran my bike for 30 miles after the bar starting flashing. I actually fit in 3.2 gallons of premium. Which is correct, because I have been getting around 60 mpg. this summer. My last bike had a manual reserve switch I was used to.

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    Fuel mileage on the NC varies greatly. If you are riding with no bags on a stock bike your mileage is probably very good. If you are riding with hard bags and loaded for a trip and carrying lots of stuff your mileage won't be quite so good. My total flame-out has varied from 200 miles to 170 miles on a loaded bike. To answer your question reasonably you need to consider the type of riding you do with the kit you have on your bike. The truthful answer to your question is: it depends... The mileage chart given by StratTuner will give you a good idea of how far you can go given your riding style, load, and other factors, weather, etc.

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    Maineville, Oh
    I have a 2013 manual NC700X. The only add on'z are center stand and Puig rear hugger. But, I usually ride redline on startup to whatever speed limit. I ALWAYS run +4,000 RPM, when cruising. I know that many people ride this bike with mpg goals, but i find that the bike runs best around 4 ,000 rpm + which is sad, beacuse the bike redlines at 6 (what 2 of play)?

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