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Thread: Fuel tank capacity?

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    Does the first gen NC700 show your mpg?
    I would use that as a guide to let you know when not to push it, but I'm not sure those early bikes had that.

    I do wonder why the need to "push it". Are there not a lot of gas stations where you ride? Do they look dodgy and you don't feel safe filling up there?

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    On my 2012 NC700, I try to notice when the first bar drops, which is roughly one gallon, then multiply by 3 to estimate my safe range for the current ride.
    I generally get between 70-80mpg depending on how many miles of back roads versus Interstate.

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    I found that if I short shift and slow down and keep it around 65mph I can get 80mpg out of my 2012 NC manual trans. Elevation and riding style play a huge role in what kind of range you can get. Like others have said if you are going to ride fast then adjust your range expectation. I live at a high elevation in Colorado so my fuel economy may not be representative of what others get, but I ride very conservatively paying attention to my fuel consumption. It is easy to get out in the middle of nowhere here and not pay attention to the fuel gauge and when it starts screaming at you the distance to the next gas stop that is open might be further than you expect. So fuel is always on my mind having made the mistake before.

    Having said that I was very concerned when I bought the NC that the range would not be adequate and so far I have not found that to be the case. However I do carry extra fuel with me just in case, but so far the NC has been a delight to own. No issue with range for me so far. If you find that you are starting to cut it close on fuel slow down and you will be able to extend the distance to the next stop. So far I am amazed at the fuel economy I can get out of this bike.

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