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Thread: Interstates: NC compared to F650GS(Single)

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    My 2013 NC700X does just fine on the freeway. MPG does drop a lot at 80 MPH @ 5500RPM. It's a little shaky in Semi wind blast, but less than my Sabre 1100 that I rode before it. I had the Meltzer Z8 stock tires and I feel they squared faster due to hi speed freeway miles.

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    Around here, when the freeways aren't all clogged, you've often gotta do 85 just to keep up with traffic. Bike seems happy to do it all day. I still get at least 52mpg with cold air, CA gas, and boxy 33 liter sidecases. MPG as much as 70 on slower country rides, mid sixties on the freeway without the sidecases.

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    I have owned my NC for just around 2 weeks now. I just came off a Triumph Tiger 1050 and was concerned about the power deficit and now after two weeks, no concerns whatsoever. The NC is not a rocketship by any means but if ridden correctly, it is plenty quick and this little guy handles great. Honda did an excellent job with its handle prowess. Can't even explain it and I have ridden and owned more bikes then one should, but this thing is just a hoot to ride. Feels light, easy on gas, brakes are superb, did I mention it has a frunk! It has enough juice for highway use and as an urban warfare commuter it is a cut above most if you want comfort, storage and gas mileage. I put on a set of Givi's and a Seat Concepts seat and its fantastic. Good luck on your decision.... Ps....I have not ridden the 650 GS but he had a BMW 800s and it was a great bike as ell but this NC is just as good and better in. Lot of ways.

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    FWIW, most of my use of my NCX is commuting. I run around 40 miles each way, and nearly all of that is now on the freeway, running 70-75. Sometimes a little faster so I don't get run over where the posted limit is 75. The bike handles the speed with aplomb. I've had occasion to be on an even higher-limit stretch of road, and while it will do 90 without too much trouble, that's fast approaching its limit.

    Ergos are personal, so sit the bike and choose for yourself. I have no qualms about the durability, reliability, or serviceability for this kind of work, after my ~25,000 miles on the bike.

    P.S. I run Honda's (large!) top case and saddlebags on mine, though usually the saddlebags sit at home, unneeded.

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    Tim Clynes
    I run my NC750X 2 up most of the time, rock steady at 85 to 90 on UK motorways, absolutely planted, tracks very well in the corners.

    Can get a little unsteady in triple digits, bet in my opinion not what she was designed for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naked_Duc View Post

    The engine hit peak torque early at 4,000. After that, there isn't much left until you run out of rev at 8,000. It is relatively torquy at low to mid rev. It kind of like a thumper or diesel. But it will be comfortable at 70-75. Just don't expect it to run away when you twist the throttle.
    The rev-limiter won't let you get to 8,000...

    The NC is great on the highway ....according to ME! My NC will handle 70 with ease ... going past 75, I get a little engine vibration... then around 79-80- it smoothes up again. And I mean SMOOTH!

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    For me, I commute as well.
    I ride almost everyday except when it rains.
    I just don't like riding in the rain (thats a personal thing).
    The NC700x is fine for my commute.
    I have a top box and small side cases by givi.
    Gas mileage is good, Keeps up with traffic and exceeds speed limits easily if you so desire.
    Around town, no problem. The nimbleness is great. The weight is low so you can manuever around pretty good.
    It does not feel heavy at all when riding or sitting on it.
    It does not shake on the highway, it might vibrate a little (I mean very little), but remember its a twin cylinder.
    So far the bike has been rock solid. Mine is a 2013 model, DCT in RED.

    Back in 2012, I was considering a BMW F or G and also VSTROM and VERSYS.
    Honda won out because:
    1 - dct
    2 - I fit the bike perfectly
    3 - cost of ownership/relibility
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    Thanks to everyone that has replied. It has been a big help in deciding which bike to get. I sounds as if the NC will take care of all of my needs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doc True View Post
    Thanks to everyone that has replied. It has been a big help in deciding which bike to get. I sounds as if the NC will take care of all of my needs.
    We saved one more !
    Welcome in the family Doc true !
    When you are dead, you don't even know you are dead.
    It's only pain for others.
    Same thing when you are stupid !

    2brnut2b, That's the question !

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    My previous 650cc range bike was a F650GS. There's no comparison down the highway. The NC is way smoother and cruises at 70 no problem. Headwinds do eat into the NC's gas mileage. The NC stock is way more comfortable to ride than my F650. The stretch to the bars was horrible on the BMW. Very uncomfortable with either the stock seat or the Corbin. I'm completely comfortable on with the NC in its stock form. I removed the pillion and replaced it with one of Dale's racks. My hands would cramp on the NC though until I bought some of those foam overgrips. I have had TKC 80s on both bikes. I give the F650 a slight edge offroad because of the 19 inch front tire and better suspension. For commuting there is no comparison either. The NC's frunk is awesome.

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