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Thread: Highest Mileage (not mpg)

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    $400 is a lot cheaper than I expected for something like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StratTuner View Post
    124,000 +

    starting to worry that the drive sprocket mount is wearing out... not sure what it would cost to replace it, but other than a clutch at 80K, I've had NO major repair.
    Great bike!
    Whatís wrong with the sprocket mount? Itís just a shaft with splines, right?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jt105 View Post
    What’s wrong with the sprocket mount? It’s just a shaft with splines, right?

    seems like it should slide on snugly... but it doesn't.

    it seems to have more gaps between splines after 124K miles, but I am NO kind of mechanic. Plan to ask mine to inspect it.

    Seems like it would be an expensive thing to replace.
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    91,700 Km or 56,979 miles in 4 years and hoping for that many more if I'm diligent with my maintenance!

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    about 8400 miles on mine, still going strong and need to bring it in for some inspections soon. Haven't changed out my brake pads yet, should probably do that soon. *looks back at manual* I'm coming up on my 2 year anniversary for the bike.

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