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Thread: Side stand (kick stand) play?

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    Side stand (kick stand) play?

    Last night in preparation to install my new rear tire, I happened to notice that when moving my side stand up to put the bike on the center stand, that there seems to be a whole bunch of play (about 1-2" at the foot) on the x-axis (side to side). Can anyone confirm for me that there side stand has some freeplay/wiggles? I'm starting to wonder if I somehow bent the two tabs that the bolt goes through...
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    Mine has about the same amount of play side to side as yours.

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    I noticed the same thing and shimmed with aluminum foil tape. No adverse effects so far.

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    Thanks, guys. Just has more play than my other cycles. Just wanted to check!
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    Think that looseness in the pivot is suppose to be there by design. So the stand "settles in" when parked......helps to avoid the rolling off the stand when parked a slight incline or bumped on a flat surface and then bike rolls forward off the stand.

    Also there was a time when play in the pivot was part of the rubber tipped side stand design.......if the stand is down and you drive away the extended rubber tip was suppose to kick the stand up .......avoiding crash on the first left turn. The extended rubber tip was a Honda patented idea and was used for years.....but was later replaced by the stand and shift interlock system.

    (Parking in gear helps avoid the rolling off the stand too )
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    Harley Davidson has a great sidestand design that utilizes the side to side play in a very useful manner.
    When the sidesatnd is down and the weight of the bike is on it, there is a tab on the pivot that slips into a recess and prevents it from retracting.
    I don't understand why other bike makers don't adopt this design.
    Seems so simple and logical that you wouldn't want your sidestand to fold up while it was holding up your bike.
    Go figure.

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    theny probably have a patent

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    A locking kick stand doesn't have a patent due to vagueness of implementation, but HD has their 'jiffy' stand with a specific design and I believe that did and may still have a patent.

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