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Thread: Close Call

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    Buddy of mine and I were riding - 40Km/hr with traffic, and I noticed a deer at the side of the road. I slowed and waved, but he didnt recognize I was signalling him.
    I passed it, but he hit it as it jumped in front of him with 0 warning. He hit it with a roadglide with a windshield. Buddy had the right gear on. Dear died. Buddy didnt have a scratch, but he came out of his seat and hit the windshield. Broke 10 ribs. 3 years later and he feels he is only 90% recovered.
    You dont have to be going fast to have an accident. You have to be constantly alert.
    Ive been lucky - in 6 years here Ive only had 3 close calls with deer on the bike. They are everywhere.
    Not to mention the vehicles on the road.....

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    I make it a point never to follow someone with a surfboard, ladder, etc on top of their vehicle. That being said, things happen fast!

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