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Thread: New bike crashed, pelvis smashed.

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    Unhappy New bike crashed, pelvis smashed.

    Wow just under two weeks with the NC700X - some of the best overall feelings of wellbeing in my life... I loved that thing like a good friend, like a favorite horse, like an adventure companion. I had so much planned with my new bike!

    On the way home from work I went shopping. When I was just about 200 yards from home with my loot in the fronk someone made a left turn in front of me - cut me off like I was invisible. They stopped, looked, and went - having never seen me coming with my high beams glaring and reflective tape. It was that moment that I became a statistic. According to nolo: "The single most dangerous situation for motorcyclists occurs when cars are making left hand turns".

    (see Motorcycle Accidents: Common Causes |

    The worst part is that I can only kick myself in the butt so much because it really wasn't my fault. I'd like to think that if only I had a little more practice I would have made it but I'd probably have just been a LITTLE closer to not crashing. The weird thing is that in spite of all this I'm not sure I'm prepared to swear off all riding. In fact, I'm hoping to get another NC700X - this time with the DCT/ABS option I originally wanted. Maybe, just MAYBE the ABS could have saved me, or at least reduced my injuries.

    The design of the NC700X lead to a specific injury but may have saved me from others. Take a look at a side-view picture of the bike and you'll see the incredibly smooth and gradual slope leading from the seat up the false fuel tank. It acts like a little jump. I went right up it and found myself levitating calmly into the air, flipping a bit over 180 degrees, and landing just in front of the bike on my left arm, knee, etc... and ending up on my back, cringing and cursing in the middle of the road, writhing in pain. It's some of the most intense pain I've ever felt. In addition to the crushed inner pelvis, I had a messed up left hand and elbow, broken knee (nothing too severe) and lots of bruising and abrasions.

    The most severe injuries sustained were to my inner pelvis. It's broken in 5 places but will require no surgery, braces, or special treatment to heal. I can almost walk and it's just been a few days since the incident. Don't take this as an excuse to be careless, but a word of caution and a touch of advice. I braced against the false tank, which on most standard bikes would have splayed open my pelvis and lead to major surgery. In my case it lead to a few broken bones and prevents me from lifting my legs for a few days/weeks/months depending if you're a wolverine like me :-)

    Friends and family are devastated and, naturally, shocked and appalled to hear that I haven't decided to swear off all riding. I may still but haven't yet. I really want a new NC700X! First though, I need to deal with all the legal/insurance bulljunk and heal up. Hopefully I won't be too much in the hole financially at that point. Then it's decision time.... It was easy to decide I wanted the NC700X before I bought it for the first time. Whether or not I repeat the apparent mistake will be one of the toughest decisions of my life.

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    Wow................ Hope you get to feeling better............ I had my left hand turn accident back in 2005.............
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    I'm glad your attitude is so good. Heal quick as you can and you will be riding again soon.


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    Fixed Idea New bike crashed, pelvis smashed.
    New bike crashed, pelvis smashed.
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    Sorry to hear this, man. Get well soon, and go new NCX shopping!
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    Sorry for the pain. But, it sounds like you've got it. Once the bug gets in your blood, there just ain't no getting it out. Your hooked, and you feel like a fish out of water without a bike. The heeling time is unbelievable, not the physical pain, but the "no ride syndrome". I've been fighting with it for 19 days now. My decision MRI is on July 29th, with a doctor decision on yes or no for joint replacement around Aug 2nd. I can handle the physical pain, but the pain of the "no ride syndrome" is UNBEARABLE. My wife had my children take the keys and batteries to all my bikes to their houses.

    Hope you heal fast. One of my ex-techs is coming over tomorrow. (Ron is 73 and still rides, but his father is 94 and rides a little still). We will be working on designing a shoulder brace, and planning the key burglary of my kid's house.
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    Wow! What a story. You didn't say how fast you were going (suspect you had things on you mind at the time and checking your speedo was not one of them) but IMHO you're damn lucky you weren't hurt worse. Glad to see your positive attitude (I hear it aids healing) and wish you a speedy recovery.

    This is the third crash story on this forum in the last couple of days - two caused by others and one (well actually two/same rider) because of road conditions. Hope this is not the start of a trend.

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    Very glad injuries are not worse! Heal fast, and give it some time. If it's meant to be, you will ride again.
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    Hope you have a speedy and full recovery.

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    Glad to hear you are ok and will heal.keep us updated.

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    Please explain how the DCT/ABS version may/might have helped?

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