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Thread: Frunk power outlet

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanH View Post
    Does anyone know if there exists a secondary fuse block system that can be attached to the battery to provide additional, easily coupled connectors for various applications. I bet you could sell something like that.
    This is what I am installing on mine on the recommendations of others here:
    Gives option for each circuit to be powered all the time or just when key is on.
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    Dan, I did wrap it in Scotch 33 professional grade electrical tape then put a layer of gorilla tape on top of that and tucked it up under the plastics where its nice n dry.

    Quote Originally Posted by DanH View Post
    Oh, I see. I was having a hard time imaging that setup but I got it now. How did you waterproof the connection between the Garmin cord and the socket. I am assuming its tucked up under the plastics somewhere and wrapped with electrical tape to keep it connected and dry both.

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    Matching Female Connectors

    Hello, where did you buy the matching female connectors to plug into the sub harness? Is there a description or stock number for them?

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    Iíve used an Innov Powerhub for connecting all my electrical farkles, and itís been great. Easy install, fit it in the right side fake vent.

    Feature of INNOVV POWER HUB1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fredo View Post
    Hello, where did you buy the matching female connectors to plug into the sub harness? Is there a description or stock number for them?
    Here is a thread about compatible connectors for the Honda accessory harness. This is an old thread, so I don’t know if the part source is still good, but it worked for me back in that time. Corresponding connectors
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rapturee View Post
    Your solution is slimmer and cleaner but I did this instead because it was cheaper

    WATERWICH 6-Way Blade Fuse Box Standard Circuit Fuse Holder Box Block DC 12-32V with Waterproof Protection Cover For Car Boat Marine Trike Auto Car Truck Vehicle SUVS Yacht RV Ship (6-Way)

    Fits nicely in the faux tank wall left of the battery, I only chose the left side because my frunk already had my outlets on the left side

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