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Thread: Seen in the wild

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    Quote Originally Posted by HueyFE View Post
    That was you then. I was heading other direction on the 32, and it was your jacket that I spotted first. Ride safe up there, I was in a Nissan Armada, and was still worried about getting smashed by trucks.
    I'm glad you saw me! That jacket was the first thing my wife said I needed to buy when I started riding. I'm looking for a good replacement since my riding season has crept into November and that jacket is definitely designed for warmer weather.

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    Seen in the wild

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    YearRound. I figured that was probably you. I think you were coming out of the parking lot where the Japanese restaurant, donut shop, and butcher shop are located. I own the hobby shop right across the street from there. I am sure we will get together one of these days.
    Take it easy.
    I may be getting older, but I refuse to grow up.

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    Howdy. I'm new to the forums and to the NC700x life, but I wanted to report that while visiting New York City in July I spotted an NC700X in the wild. The owner was unpacking his helmet from a Givi trunk and I got to ask him all about the bike, riding in NYC, and if he got to do any other fun rides. It was his endorsement and the tons of you tube videos about the bike that convinced me my next bike was going to be this one.

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    Only ones I've seen are the ones I looked at to buy. A friend who's plugged into motorcycles had never heard of it. People ask if it's a new model.

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    I saw a few NC's while in Hong Kong. Two of them were in the same parking lot. I took this picture of one of them near the cable car.
    Seen in the wild-p1040149-jpg
    Some of them were being used as police bikes. I didn't have the camera ready when I saw them so pulled up this image from the net.
    Seen in the wild-26157537271_f014b2aa1d_z-jpg

    It's nice to be home. More so after 4 hours of additional flight delays...

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