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Thread: Seen in the wild

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    Quote Originally Posted by HueyFE View Post
    That was you then. I was heading other direction on the 32, and it was your jacket that I spotted first. Ride safe up there, I was in a Nissan Armada, and was still worried about getting smashed by trucks.
    I'm glad you saw me! That jacket was the first thing my wife said I needed to buy when I started riding. I'm looking for a good replacement since my riding season has crept into November and that jacket is definitely designed for warmer weather.

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    Seen in the wild

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    YearRound. I figured that was probably you. I think you were coming out of the parking lot where the Japanese restaurant, donut shop, and butcher shop are located. I own the hobby shop right across the street from there. I am sure we will get together one of these days.
    Take it easy.
    I may be getting older, but I refuse to grow up.

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