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Thread: Seen in the wild

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    Ok, I know this isn't an NC but I found the story interesting. While staying in a hotel outside of Mt Rushmore, in Keystone, SD, I saw this bike and the owner came out to talk. He and his wife have been on the road for 6 months riding 2 up. They are from Brazil and started the trip in Patagonia in the southern tip of South American and rode all the way to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. They were now on their way to New York. All their gear fit into the 3 boxes, plus they had a bag on top of each of the boxes. He proudly showed me the decal on the windscreen of their trip. Since their English was not very good, the conversion was limited. I showed them a picture of my NC and he showed me a picture of the wife's Honda 70.

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    Anyone on here ride a silver first gen NC with a grey jacket and Lego yellow helmet?
    Saw him going south on 880 by whipple rd yesterday around 930 am

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    I spotted another NC700 on the road today. We rode together for PIE, does that count!!?? :{)

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