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Thread: What mtorcycle did you use for your driving test?

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    The MSF course in Michigan counts as the written test and the road/skill test. All that is needed is to take your completion certificate to the DMV and get your endorsement.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Madison Sully View Post
    No test for me. In Wisconsin if you take the MSF course you don't have a road test by the state DMV.
    And I took the MSF on a scooter, so it was pretty easy.
    Fun weekend, actually.
    In Indiana we also do the MSF course and skip the DMV test. I did my MSF course on a Harley Street 500.

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    I will add that when I was in the Army in Alabama, I went down to get an Alabama driver's license on my motorcycle (a Su-suck-i 250, iirc). Since they didn't do motorcycle endorsements back then, I didn't even need to take the road test.

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