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Thread: Just Thinking...

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    I really was thinking more about the riding characteristics. It never occurred to me that the beak, the size of the beak ...or the lack thereof was a big deal. But I guess it is.

    I'll do some comparing on my own I guess on rake angles, wheel bases and suspension travel to see if it gives any clues. As it stands right now, without any of that data, the biggest difference I see in the NC700S and the CTX700N (besides cosmetics) seems to be where the foot pegs are located and the seat comfort.

    As someone who is short, I would undoubtedly lower a NC700X. That puts it in the same grouping as the NC700S and CTX700. So I've just been wondering, what if...


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    Quote Originally Posted by yticolev View Post
    I love that quote too, but your version is different than the one I was familiar with. So I googled it and was surprised to find that Dr Seuss never said it at all
    You're right, I just found out the same information QUOTE: “Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” — Bernard Baruch

    Still like the "unnofficial quote", so I'll just remove the Dr. Seuss thing..


    Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind donít matter and those who matter donít mind.

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    I like the S better than the X for the following reasons:
    - Looks better to me
    - Doesn't have the pointy beak of the X
    - Better riding comfort for myself
    - Better handling
    - Has ABS
    I had the option of buying the NC from the US, where it is 2-3k cheaper than in Canada. But only the X is available there. So despite the higher price I bought the SA.

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    The issue I would have with the S is no option for a frame mounted windshield.

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