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Thread: Best Price I have seen on NC700X

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    Senior Member Best Price I have seen on NC700X Fuzzy's Avatar
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    Since every state is different it is easier to compare a price that does not include tax title and registration. If it bothers some to call that "out the door" price call it something else.

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    We're splittin' hairs here...move on!!!

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    I saw a few ads on kijiji Ontario today - selling the 2012s (demo versions) for 7999+tax. This is the cheapest I have seen so far here in Canada. Pls correct me if I am wrong.

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    The cheapest I have seen here in WA for a 6 speed is $6,999.THEN they add on $800 in BS fees THAN TTL !!.I'm thinking I should fly and buy,AR would be a nice break in ride back to Wa !!.

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    Meh... Comparing prices gets weird when you start crossing state lines. I always figured that out the door is out the door. In Virginia, I was out the door for under MSRP for the DCT (that includes taxes, title, registration, inspection). I asked for the out the door price and frankly don't give a crap what they want to call their fees. They could have priced the bike at $250 and charged me $8500 in dealer fess for all I care as long as they had me on the road for the price I expected and paid. On paper, I got it for way cheaper than MSRP. In reality, I got it for just under MSRP. If I'd bought it out of state and transported it back, I'd still have to register it, inspect it, title it.

    It ultimately comes down to whether you feel it's a good deal or not. I was on the road for less than MSRP for a model I really wanted and could not find in stock locally. I probably could have gotten the Manual version for exactly $2k less, but I wanted the ABS and the DCT (I'm more of a commuter than a joyrider and traffic in Richmond is stop and go at rush hour).

    Like I said before, you can beat yourself up over getting the best price if you want. You'll be missing out on some good riding while you do. Good luck either way if you're still searching!

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    Hi Guys,

    Just joined the forum. I purchased a 2012 NC700X DCT ABS with 15K miles for 6050 US plus warranty, taxes, and fees. It seemed like a great deal to me but KBB values it for less. KBB doesn't allow you to account for miles though. Was just wondering if I purchased for a good price. Thanks all!
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    Since I paid 6999.00 for a 2012,no miles,no dct I would say u got a good deal.

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    It is a good price.
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    Paid $4,700 for a standard tranny 2013 with 3,000 miles on it a month ago; it needed a few things but so far still under $5k total.

    Think you did just fine.


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