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Thread: Engine Guards VS Frunk Guards

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    Engine Guards VS Frunk Guards

    I read online about an NC750X rider who crashed, bike slid & ground a hole in the engine case. The bike had "engine guards" which did nothing but protect the frunk some. 2nd NC700/750X in a month that ground a hole in the engine case from sliding. I don't know what the sides of the engine cases are made of but they aren't magnetic. Magnesium, aluminum, plastic or cheese. I've only found one maker that sold engine guards for this bike. Tubes that actually covered the engine case. Was on eBay then disappeared last summer. Everything else I've seen doesn't cover the engine case. They're frunk guards. Like one person made a set & everyone else just copied him. Expensive versions are longer & wrap around the front of the bike but don't cover the engine case. Here's an idea. What if someone made something that covered the engine case. Maybe used existing bolts of the case covers. So, if your bike is sliding down the road it's not on the soft cheese sides/case covers of the engine, it's on metal. Wouldn't have to be large or expensive. Current designs to me seem like putting a radiator guard on the back fender. Just an opinion & just an idea. If I had metal working tools I'd do it myself.
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    Meh, I look at it like this. If I crash fast enough for my bike to slide long enough to grind a hole in the engine side cover, I will likely be ready to call it a day after that. I realize that you may be worried more about getting it home if you are on a trip, but what else may be bent, broken, or tweaked preventing you from getting home even if the side cover didn't have a hole in it?

    You could install the Kuryakyn highway pegs like I run on my bike, they wpuld give you some room to stretch out AND function as a frame slider. Maybe them sticking out a bit paired with the exhaust sticking out, could save the engine case, but idk, it sticks out pretty far on the right side. Either way, aside from getting home if it did happen, a side cover is fairly cheap and pretty simple to replace.

    You can spend trying to prevent it and it may never happen to you, or you can just "cross that bridge when you get there", but hope you never "get there" and ride safely to avoid such an incident.

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    [QUOTE=Juan_Banjovy;217321 I've only found one maker that sold engine guards for this bike. Tubes that actually covered the engine case. Was on eBay then disappeared last summer. [/QUOTE]

    Was it this guy? Honda NC 700 X Engine guard & Crash bars for manual gearbox Black Mmoto HON0163 | eBay

    found the link in this thread-
    Do crashbars protect anything

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    Wasn't those but those look like they would work well. The ones I saw had one tube running straight across the engine case. I bookmarked them & last time I looked the link quit. They were about $80. Update: They're back! $95 though. Honda NC 700 / 750 X / S Bottom Crash Bars Engine Guard Frame Protector ver. 1 | eBay

    I'm going to install my Amazon frunk guards & lean the bike over until something touches. Both sides. If that's the engine case I'm buying these guards next.
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    I just received my engine crash bars from R-GAZA today. Read about them and see another rider's install in this thread: Has anybody installed the R-Gaza Crash Bars Engine Guards?

    Ordered directly from their site paying with paypal. Shipped from Russia in just over two weeks. Hope to install them this weekend

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    Juan, that guy is in Kharkiv Ukraine, same city a brother of mine lives in way over on the east side of their country(about 80Km from the russian border). mMoto really makes some great/tuff stuff. The guy does some really nice work, great craftsmanship! I did not know he was making crash bars when i purchased all of mine or i would have happily went with him. My next visit over there i will def be stopping in to his shop, visiting and possibly taking a nice ride around if he has time!

    The other one Dean posted about is also in Ukraine, but he is way over on the west side of the country in Kiev(capital city). I have visited both cities, pretty cool country if Putin leaves them alone!!

    Here is a shot of mine. I too was concerned with ample protection when i purchased my bars and ended up mix/matching some. But i am pretty happy with coverage i have now, so i'll keep them. :{)
    Engine Guards VS Frunk Guards-new-freeway-blaster-horns-130bd-installed-oct-14th-2019-jpg

    As you can see, it'll have to grind through a lot of stuff before it gets to my case!
    Engine Guards VS Frunk Guards-new-freeway-blaster-horns3-130bd-installed-oct-14th-2019-jpg

    Engine Guards VS Frunk Guards-new-freeway-blaster-horns2-130bd-installed-oct-14th-2019-jpg
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