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Thread: Rumoured 650 Single

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    Rumoured 650 Single

    I am hearing rumours here in Ireland of Honda testing a possible new model 650 single. One source told me that it was being tested as an XR and the other suggested it was being tested as an SL. I had up to now thought that due to emissions regs especially in Europe, that the big single was extinct. Anyone else hear anything of this nature ?
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    I've not seen this but I hear the same emissions stuff that you report.

    The emissions stuff is also why the Africa Twin increased in displacement as well as the need for BMW to pump up to 1250cc. If you want performance you need a bigger engine to get the similar usable power after the 'upgraded' emissions robs the engine of its original power.

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    Lol this reminded me that the dyno guys recommended punching holes in the cat...the price of saving the universe...
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    that would be interesting... :{)
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    I read that Honda might be making a smaller Africa Twin, which may be an Africa Single when they're done.

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