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Thread: Winter Gloves?

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    Save up and get some heated gloves. I could never find non-heated gloves that worked. Even with good liners. I bit the bullet and got some heated gloves (and a heated vest, so you dont have to run the wires in your jacket) from cycle gear in 2015 and they are still running strong. They are not waterproof, but if I need heated gloves and there is moisture out, I am not riding (I dont do snow and ice). There are other offerings, but I have a cyclegear 5 minutes from my house.

    $159 Hotwired 12V Heated Gloves - Cycle Gear
    $200 Hotwired 12V Heated Jacket Liner Evo - Cycle Gear
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    There are several Goretex lined heated gloves. I was going to go with the textile gloves because they don't absorb water and get heavy. Then I tried on California Heat's leather glove. It fit wonderfully and was a soft high quality leather. I bought it and went home and put Nikwax on it. I do try to avoid 40į to 50į wet weather riding but not always possible on a long haul.

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    I've looked at so many "cold weather" gloves online, but most of them seem more for dealing with rain instead of cold.

    At high speeds (70+) on the freeway none seem to be able to hold up.

    I had the earlier model of the Cortech Scarabs and they fell apart and never really worked without using glove liners. Could it be because they were one size too big?

    Last year I got a pair of Dianese Scout 2 Goretex gloves and they didn't hold up in cold weather, even at lower speeds in the canyons. Not sure if waterproofing would help.

    Will probably look into heated grips next.

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    Winter Gloves?

    For me, when I ride and itís in the 30ís, I have heated grips (oxfords), barkbusters, and these (sometimes with aluminized glove liners if itís really cold):

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    Winter Gloves?
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    After trying several pairs of heated gloves (that was a costly exercise) I finally stuck with an old and comfortable favorite pair of non-heated winter gloves but bought heated glove liners. They will work in any of my numerous pairs of gloves that I bounce around with.

    They work with my heated jacket liner and controller perfectly.

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    I too have tried several pairs of gloves trying to find a pair that worked well and stayed warm/dry. I ended up going with a pair of off-brand Hippo Hands. I use to use them all the time during hunting season/winter on my ATV and thought, why not. So i tried them out this last trip to Yellowstone Wyo and man did they work great. Granted they are not for everyone, but they worked so well i only used my old/thin Outdoor Research gloves inside of them once during the 480 mile ride home.

    I rode 1600 miles this last week touring all over Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. Several mornings i had ice on the bike cover and i rode in temps from the low 30's to high 60's. The cheap-o hippo hands worked flawlessly keeping my hands both warm and dry when it rained a couple of times!!

    Winter Gloves?-handlebar-mitts-priceless-jpg

    Motorcycle Scooter Bike Handlebar Grip Muffs Gloves Protection Mitts Hand Warmer | eBay
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