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Thread: Mouse in Air Box

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    Mouse in Air Box

    Im a new member, but long time reader of this forum.

    2014 NC700X purchased new in 2017. I put about 5K miles per season. I just passed 13K, so time to change the air filter for the first time. I pulled out the air box cover per service manual.

    I found the remains of a large mouse nest. The mouse had been there long enough to store several handfuls of seeds and peanuts. The filter was completely full of hair. I have no idea how the bike was running.

    I completely cleaned the air box and installed the new filter. I did a 50 mile test ride and the bike has noticeably more power than before. Not a sport bike, but I can feel more power. Again, I cant believe it was even running before.

    Heres was has me thinking. The bike has noticeably more power now than when I first bought it. This was a 2014 model that was sold new in 2017, so the bike was in some storage facility for 3 years. This is the first time since purchase that the air box has been removed. Did I buy new bike with a mouse nest in the air box???

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    It's possible, just be glad it didn't decide to use your wiring to line it's nest!

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    Welcome to the Mouse Club!
    I had a similar situation this spring. Its a wonder that the engine would even run with all that mouse bedding and seeds.


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    Welcome F150 and congrats on a good purchase(mouse bedding included it seems). Glad to have you here, there is an amazing amount of seasoned knowledge here to avail yourself of. :{)
    Fiat Justicia et Peret Mundus = Do the Right thing, Come what May!

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    Wow, I think I'd better check my air filter. I got a new 2014 NC700X in May, no telling how many places it's been stored. Will do it Monday, putting up a ceiling fan tomorrow.

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    couple of weeks ago a friend of mine parked his truck overnight in the mountains, next morning he had a mouse in his glove box. so who knows. Imagine storing camp food in or around your motorcycle.

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    A garage, shop, patio, car port, shed, barn or even outside storage with dog, cat or bird food near by is an invitation for mice to take up residence in all vehicles or equipment.

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