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Thread: Will Corbin Seat and Dale's rack from 15 700X for 18 750X?

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    Will Corbin Seat and Dale's rack from 15 700X for 18 750X?

    Have a guy on here interested in buying mine. I will try and do more research when I can get to a computer tomorrow. But I'd you guys can answer it would be much easier So basically I have a Corbin seat and Dale's rack off my 2015 NC700X, and possible buyer has a 18 NC750X.
    -2015 NC700X
    -Storm Bark Busters
    -Danmoto exhaust
    -Givi crash bars
    -MMOTO fully welded luggage rack
    -Dales seat rack
    -Corbin seat

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    Dale’s Rack will fit

    Not 100% sure about the Corbin.

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