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Thread: Rally???

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    From personal experience BMW or Moto Guzzi clubs are a safe bet. Substance use, if any, is only after the bike is parked for the night. As for membership for non-brand owning riders the rules differ for each club. Plug Follows - My club, the BMW Motorcycle Owners of Vermont is the most ecumenical club of any I have come across. The BMWMOV is brand centered but anyone can join no matter the bike they ride or even if they own a bike and enjoy the same voting rights as owners.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DirtFlier View Post
    ddueling - there is a lot of MSTA activity in FL with an openness towards non-members. There are several categories of "rallies" and some have a fee attached while others are free. A co-op arrangement has been made with BMWRA to give a free pass to either side to attend certain events.

    MSTA FL is divided into North and South chapters because of all the distance involved but they have lots of stuff going on continually - breakfast gatherings, lunch rides, riding to events, etc. I've only attended one FL event over the years mainly because it's quite a jaunt from OH, especially when we have so many other events that are closer.

    Yup, I'm a member and have been since 1990 when it was called the Honda Sport Touring Assn (HSTA). :-)
    I did forget about MTSA, didn't really mean to. I was a member a couple of years before the name change but never renewed. MTSA has virtually no events in northern FL but I occasionally will ride 150 miles for a lunch RTE and I sometimes attend the lunch on Wednesday or Thursday during Bike Week.


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