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Thread: Not sure I like my new Russell

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    Quote Originally Posted by ld_rider View Post
    One week?

    Not enough time for your backside to get used to it. But, it sounds like the comfort isn't an issue for you, more like an inseam issue, and there isn't much we can do about our inseam!

    I wear a 31 or 32 inch dress pant and can flat foot on my RDL if I move up to the frunk. In my normal position I am very comfortably on the balls of both feet. No issues walking it backwards or if I suddenly have to put a foot down (or both). I even had my front part of seat pan built up a bit to help get rid of the slope. The wings were bothersome at first, but after riding out to Minnesota from Maine and tacking on another 10,000 miles or so the following weeks it was fine ;-)

    You wouldn't be the first rider that had a custom fitted seat made and it turned out not to be as comfortable as you hoped. Nice thing about the RDL is that you can probably sell it for nearly what you paid and move on to something more to your liking.

    Others will purchase a used RDL thinking that it will work for them. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. All RDL seats are custom made to fit one individual, the original buyer. It is not just about height/weight but also about how you sit on the bike, your position, your arm angles, knee angles, etc. That is why you send in all the pictures ;-)

    Two riders the same height/weight will not necessarily have the same seat designed for them. Buying a used, custom made suit from a guy your height and weight won't fit the same as the one custom fitted to you. Sorta the same thing with the RDL.

    One other thing about the RDL (or any custom seat) is that your entire rider triangle changes when you do a seat modification. Since the RDL lifted me about 2 inches higher, it screwed up my arm angle and reach, knee angle and back angle. These things I never considered. I had to mess around with different pegs, risers, etc to get back in a comfortable riding triangle. My butt was fine, just a lot of other stuff was out of wack ;-)

    A year after I installed the RDL I removed my risers, and my riding position and comfort on the bike was much improved by going back to the stock handlebar height/reach.
    I had a BMW R1150R many years ago. I remember doing the bars, risers, seat, so much stuff to get comfy, and was sure each mod was an improvement. When I traded it I put it all back to stock, and sold off the bits. On the ride to the dealer to trade it, it felt great. And I was going WTF? the whole way.... cant explain why stock was as good or better as the adapted setup after the fact,

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    Senior Member Not sure I like my new Russell
    Not sure I like my new Russell

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    That's really a hoot! I'm sure you're right... headslap!
    I may be getting older, but I refuse to grow up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rnizman View Post
    My questions:
    1. Anyone else has this experience? Suggestions?
    2. The documents from RDL state that the seat needs to be broken in for 500-1000 miles. Would this break-in period help and I should just stick with it? My gut reaction is no, that the wings are integral to the design of the seat and this is just the way it is.
    3. RDL states they would like 2 chances to adjust the seat before accepting a return. Would these adjustments include changes to the wings? I'm guessing not as the wings seem integral to the comfort design of seat.
    4. Does anyone have experience returning an RDL seat? Since it was built on my original seat pan, what would I get back if I returned it?
    5. There is a "sport" version of the RDL that doesn't appear to have the wings. Wondering if there would be an option to exchange?
    IZy, post a couple of pictures of your new RDL on your bike. Also, you are not alone with the initial "this is a weird seat"-ness of the RDL. It is built like no other seat out there that is currently available. Let's look at what you have described...(imho)

    1-Yes, every RDL owner has gone through what you have described. The initial weirdness/uncomfortableness of the wings. I am 6'6" and have a 36" inseam and i too could barely touch the ground when i first mounted the RDL, both feet were tippy-toes only! So unloaded my bike off of the center stand for the first time i nearly dropped it right there on the ground haha! I learned to slide forward in the seat a little bit, problem solved. I have had several occasions since where i have had to back up the NC, and yes i too have to slide forward up to the tank to be able to comfortably touch the ground and manage the NC safely.

    2-Yes, you must ride and "break-in" the seat and your bum to the seat. I now have several thousand miles on mine and it is getting much better/broke in or i am to it haha. At first, the leading edge of the winglets were so very strong/hard they would hardly flex at all. Now, they are not so hard and they flex just enough to allow me to flat foot on both sides comfortably.

    3-5 i have no experience with these at all. Never even heard of a Sport version, might be cool... or not.

    On a side note, what is your height/weight/inseam if i may ask? AND, if you do decide to part with your RDL i have a friend who might be interested and i'm sure he'd make you a good deal/trade for his stock seat so you'd have another pan to work with. :{)

    Not sure I like my new Russell-dales-rear-seat-rack3-jpg
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    I agree that you need about 2000 miles in the saddle to break it in. Also you could lower the bike slightly.

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