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Thread: Auxiliary Light Idea. Feedback?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MZ5 View Post
    I prefer a driving light beam over a spot, but either is better than what most vendors mean when they say “fog” (which generally means uncontrolled uselessness).

    I have these on my NCX and they’re truly excellent:
    PIAA | PIAA LP530 LED White Driving Beam Kit #05372

    The 6” diameter version of those lights won Overland Journal’s aux light comparison a few years ago, which measured lux at various ranges and angles, as well as waterproof-ness, consistency as the lights heat up, and other things. My only gripe about them is that the light is too blue. Not a deal-breaker, though.

    As to legality, Washington state law restricts you to 4 clear or white lights, and either 4 or 6 total forward-facing lights. I don’t recall them having a separate rule for motorcycles, so you should be okay on that front.
    Those lights are way nicer than I am willing to spend. But they are sweet those. How are yours mounted on the bike?

    As for legality for motorcycle turn signals in Washington State, the front facing one must be on the same level, placed as far apart as practical. They must emit amber lights, visible from 500 feet.

    RCW 46.37.200: Stop lamps and electric turn signals displayed.

    The lights I am looking at emits only white light. I think I would go with them but would need to find a way to turn the halo rings amber before turning them into turn signals. Maybe I can take apart the lens and paint the outer ring amber.

    EDIT: I found video of someone painting tail light cover amber with glass stain paint from craft store. That might be the solution!
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    I have my PIAAs on the Honda accessory light bar. I bent a couple pieces of scrap steel into an "L" shape, then drilled holes to mount those to the bar and then mount the lights to the "L" pieces. I have the auxiliary wiring harness on the bike, and run these through that so that they come on with the high beam headlight, just as the Honda accessory lights (not available in the USA market, at least when the bike was new) would have.

    Here's a pic:
    Auxiliary Light Idea.  Feedback?-img_0597-jpg
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    I bought a couple cheap LED's from amazon along with some mounting brackets and have them mounted to my Mutazu engine guards.
    Attached Images Attached Images Auxiliary Light Idea.  Feedback?-lednew-jpg 

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    I have the xprites...I removed the side reflectors off the forks and mounted them in the reflector location:
    Attached Images Attached Images Auxiliary Light Idea.  Feedback?-bikelights-jpg 
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    Auxiliary Light Idea. Feedback?

    I installed some inexpensive LED pods from amazon, and used a Skene controller to easily wire them into the existing headlight switch so that they were at 100% with the high beams on and 20% with the low beams. The Skene controller is a little pricey, but makes wiring a snap and no need for a separate switch on the handlebars.

    Hereís the description from an earlier post with links to the hardware (I donít know why the photo is showing up - thatís not my bike Auxiliary Light Idea.  Feedback?

    LED Spot Lights
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    Auxbeam has pretty good "bang for the buck" reviews, so I went with them. I was impressed enough with the quality that I bought another (larger) pair to use as fog lights on my truck. I have them mounted on the bottom side of the Denali bracket and aimed to match up with the headlight. I wanted added light at night, but keep them on 24/7 to help other drivers see me. Auxbeam 3 Inch LED Light Bar 20w LED Pods Fog Lights Square Cube Lights Spot Beam Driving Light Waterproof for Offroad Truck 4WD SUV ATV UTV (Pack of 2): Automotive
    Auxiliary Light Idea.  Feedback?-610w4ddpy2l-_sl1000_-jpg

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    I have a pair of Clearwater Krista driving lamps and have been very happy with them. They indeed will turn night into day.

    Krista LED Light

    Rob in New England
    IBA# 540

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    So I decided to go with these 20W Square LED off Amazon. From the review pictures, its light pattern best resemble headlights - not quite spot, not quite flood; it's a flat patter with top cutoff so I don't blind on-coming traffic. It also has a separate wire for a set of halo lights that I planned on using as Daylight Driving lights or turn signals.

    Once I received the lights, I took it apart and painted the halo lens orange from the inside. I used some transparent window art paint. The orange paint turns out pretty good after 3 coats. It's a bit yellow/amber-ish. I was thinking to connect the turn signals to the halo ring.

    Auxiliary Light Idea.  Feedback?-20190627_214723-jpg

    Then I proceeded to take out the side panels and cut the wires to the turn signal. But then things got interesting... Comes to find out, the front turn signal is actually 2 sets of lights - daylight driving lights and actual turn signals. DL driving light is on all the time. It's cut out when turn signal is turned on and the 2nd set of lights start blinking. Well, I didn't know that. Kinda throw a wrench in my plan.

    Here's the halo ring wired to the turn signal's DL driving light wire.

    Auxiliary Light Idea.  Feedback?-20190627_214620-jpg

    Both main LED 20W each and the amber halo are lit up.

    Auxiliary Light Idea.  Feedback?-20190627_222210-jpg

    Light pattern of the LED lights without headlight.

    Auxiliary Light Idea.  Feedback?-20190627_222250-jpg

    I am pretty impressed and happy with the lights. The downside though - the main housing is metal but the front cover and the light cover are both plastic; the water seal is clever but not robust. Only time will tell how well they hold up.

    More on wiring...
    Naked_Duc (Tony)

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    Testing out the turn-signal function with the halo ring. Would need to add resister if I were to wire it this way.

    Testing out the turn-signal function with the halo ring while the main LED is on. The 20W LED is overpowering the amber halo ring so you can barely see it when both are on at the same time. But in blinking mode, it's visible and noticeable.

    The main LED is good to go, wired up to a switch and connected straight to the battery with a fuse.

    But what to do with the halo rings?

    1) wire with blinking turn-signal for extra visibility
    2) remove amber paint, run as DL driving lights
    3) wire with the LED
    Naked_Duc (Tony)

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    1) additional turn signal light

    I just installed replacement mirrors with built in turn signals and I like it, adding an led requires no extra work because you've still got the resistance of the regular bulbs

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