While at KSL 10.0 I had mentioned to a couple of riders my check engine light kept coming on. It would come on within 2 miles or 40 miles-very erratic...but the operation of the bike was normal.; no missing, no stalling, no sputtering, no loss of power, nothing but the light. 670cc told me how to check the engine code for it...when check engine light comes on, put the bike in neutral (DO NOT SHUT OFF THE ENGINE); put the kick stand down and start watching the check engine light, you will start seeing flashes of the light (off/on); long flashes then a series of short quick flashes. Count the number of each flash. At first I thought it was 9 long and 5 short; after reviewing some sights, there is no code 95 (service manual was back home in Indiana). I then realized it was code 86.
After I got home I looked in the service manual; Code 86 is display communication error-some signal interference to the display.
2 things I did.
1. Disconnect the battery both positive and negative posts...I didnt want to do this 400 miles from home. as stated above, bike was running normally and no issues starting.
2. While battery was disconnected. I disconnected the wiring plug to the display.. This takes removing the windshield; there are 3 screws holding the display to the mounts-one on each end and one in the middle. The ends need a long screw driver (I used a regular phillips-no problem) to reach under the mount slots to the screws-lines up perfectly.
After removing the screws, slide the display forward and then disconnect the wiring plug-there is a boot, slide the boot down and the plug has a clip on the left side-squeeze the clip and the wiring plug pops up and off. I cleaned the connectors with some rubbing alcohol (prefer using electronic contact cleaner but didnt have any). I did find a wood hornet in the area-dead thank goodness, dont know how it even got in that tight spot.... after cleaning the contact points, I reconnected the plug, remounted the display (dont over tighten those screws, they are cheap screws that go into the plastic holes-if you over tighten, you may strip the screw holes)..
I reconnected the battery and started the bike. Now with over 100 miles on the bike since, the check engine light has not came on. So far so good...

I dont know which actually rectified the situation...could have been the dead hornet interfering with the signal or it could have been one of the connectors I had on the battery terminals...I had previously installed LED lights on the front forks and just ran the hot wire to the battery and just connected the bare wire to the battery post between my battery tender connectors and the battery post...but I installed the LED lights months ago and rode at least 1000 miles before KSL10...: before I reconnected the LEDs, I added a connector to the wire (similiar to the battery tender wire ends) and screwed them in properly to the battery post (yea yea, I know about the wiring harness but I only connect those lights and the battery tender to the battery-I really dont need a wiring harness because I run my little camera and charge my phone off a portal battery pack (my wife has bought me two in the last year for presents). I do have a relay between the lights and the battery as a safety precaution and both LEDs are a total of 20 Watts (10 Watts each)...

I have a new windshield on order as my CeeBailey has 2 cracks at the bottom mounting points-had to go with something else since CeeBailey's dont make motorcycle windshields any longer (zero gravity adventure-very similiar in length and shape of my Cee Bailey-it will be delivered tomorrow and less than $100 at Revzilla). Past few days, been running the bike with the oem shield, and jeesh, why did Honda even bother putting that thing on the bike-it is positively useless..