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Thread: How often you use the bike cover when parked?

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    Senior Member How often you use the bike cover when parked? Afan's Avatar
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    How often you use the bike cover when parked?

    It's not exactly the NC700 question, rather "every-bike" question: when do you use the cover for your bike? How often? Do you use it to hide from "other eyes" or from rain, or from dew, or...?
    I have cheap bike cover, got as a present. And I'm taking it every time I'm on a trip. Usually will cover my bike over the night. To hide it, and to "protect" it from the dew.
    Probably because it's cheap, in the morning the windshield and the top case are still wet. And if the middle section went down and touches the seat - the seat is going to be wet too.
    This morning I went to work on my bike. Weather supposed to be cloudy all day, no rain. Couple hours later - it's pouring! Now the says it's gonna rain for next couple hours too. The bike is not covered - because I would never cover my bike in front of the building. I know rain shouldn't be the issue for a bike, but still... can rain "damage" bike?

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    All modern bikes are designed to handle a significant amount of rain, both moving and standing still form. But to maximize the life of the bike and/or's best to shield it from extended water exposure. The issue is, water will creep and settle in all sorts of areas, which can lead to electrical issues or small mechanical problems such as key-tumblers may get sticky or rough due to rust.

    For me personally, the only time I cover my bike is when I park at the airport. This is mainly to shield the bike from jet-fuel particles that float around and can leave a residue on the plastics and seat when I get back home from my trip. Outside of that, I rarely use a cover, even a multiday trip with some rain exposure.

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    I never cover a bike. The cover itself can damage the finish by rubbing it in the wind. The only time the bike sits in the rain is when I’m on a long trip, and then it’s going to get wet and dirty no matter what.

    I suppose if I couldn’t store it indoors at home, I might consider covering it, but that’s never been the case. Come to think of it, I don’t even own a cover that fits the NC700X.
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    it will certainly tarnish the fasteners over time. and chains don't play well with water. but with extra precautions you can limit water damage. it sucks riding in the rain, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. bike covers last a season before they start ripping apart. if you want a cover consider a tarp, theyll last longer and are cheaper.
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    Before I graduated college I rode the NC to campus and to work everyday, sometimes in snow and rain. Like you, I had a cheap cover that never succeeded in keeping the bike fully dry, but I found that it at least helped to channel the water down the sides of the bike instead of allowing the water to work into all of the crevices. The seat still got a little wet but I always kept a towel in the compartment for that reason. That cheap cover cost me 20 bucks and is still in good shape (almost 3 years old).
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    I cover every night and have a better cover for protection from the elements. I always bring the cover if I stay away though, along with an extra chain (at home it's just a disc lock and the steering lock) - as if it's obviously locked but not obvious as to what the bike is, I'd hope any thief would bypass my bike for an easier mark.

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    Senior Member How often you use the bike cover when parked?
    How often you use the bike cover when parked?
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    I only cover it if it’s really storming - just want to keep the water from pouring down into every nook and cranny all night. Beyond that, pffft, it’s just a bother. And the dew in the morning makes it easier to clean before heading out.

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    What is a bike cover?

    But seriously. I don't even own one. Never used one.

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    I got a free one with a online purchase as a free add on, I've never used it and my bike gets put in the garage about half the time, I do live in California so my weather is milder them some but it gets over 100°f for 2 to 3 months and will get below freezing a few times a year.

    I commute to work 4 days a week almost every week of the year and it's parked outside without any type of covering

    I think your biggest issue would be the black plastic on the NC getting damaged by U.V. Rays, my bikes been in the sun for years and has a bit of color fading but it hasn't effected structurally (it hasn't become brittle or anything) so personally I don't worry about parking it outside workout a cover.

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    Senior Member How often you use the bike cover when parked? New Commuter700's Avatar
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    Mine sits outside only at work but unlike most people here I don't cover because of rain, I cover because of sun. Basically my cover stretches from the top box to the handlebars shading the seat and covering the handgrips. When it hits over 100 degrees (Fahrenheit of course, but for those outside the US; 38 degrees C), those black hand grips and black seat can reach a temperature that can cause burns. So I only cover during the summer. But not quite yet because we have been unseasonably mild so far.

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