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Thread: No Shad seat for NC700X? What seat do you run??

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    Yeah, Sargent tends to do a great job at stock seat height on various bikes without making it tough on the inseam. Even on dualsport bananas they manage with their own seatpans and approaches to foam densities, make a big diff. They claim to have addressed seat slope and giving a wider platform in the right spot on the NC.

    No Shad seat for NC700X? What seat do you run??-sargentnc700x-jpg
    390 sounds better than 790 to me

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    Senior Member No Shad seat for NC700X? What seat do you run??
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    Quote Originally Posted by mr_et2 View Post
    Last month I was planning on purchasing a Shad seat from Revzilla when I ran across this thread. I was bummed. A few days later I emailed Shad, asking if this seat was still available. After a couple weeks of no reply, I saw GregT's post selling a Seat Concepts seat, and bought that from him (should arrive tomorrow). Then, last night I got an email from Shad telling me that they are still available and a link to purchase: NC700X (12 - 18) Comfort Seat

    – SHAD USA

    I went for my longest ride on my NCX so far yesterday, ~150 miles, and my butt still hurts from it, so I really, really hope the Seat Concepts seat is good for me. But if it's not, I'll be hitting up Shad next.
    I had a similar problem with them. I sent something through their chat function. No response so I just called. Got a response email from chat about a month later...

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    I found this on Amazon, It works really good for shaping foam. It takes the foam down slow enough so you can't ruin the seat as long as you pay attention to the shape you want.
    I am working on shaping my seat concepts seat so it works for me. I'll post back with the results.

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