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Thread: Motorcycle Insurance for the NC700X in the USA

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    Member Motorcycle Insurance for the NC700X in the USA Pabaldeagle's Avatar
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    While my first quote was with Progressive, who always insured my bikes, GEICO (which was listed on the Honda Powersports site as a partner) beat their quote by 25%. Now, I hope I never need to collect, but I do wonder if getting a payout is as easy to get as the coverage?

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    First off, raise your deductable to 1000.00. If a bike even falls over these days it will cost you a grand, and you won't turn that in anyways. I pay 150.00/yr for good coverage w/progressive, and that includes up to 2500 in accessories as well.

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    Senior Member Motorcycle Insurance for the NC700X in the USA dduelin's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xcellor8 View Post
    Y'all don't have the problems we have down here... See my other post in this thread. Uninsured/under-insured, medical and pip is the killer here. Liability, collision, comprehensive is cheap. I carry insurance to cover me and my investment. I don't think I'm gonna cause a whole lot of personal/property damage if I am at fault in an accident...
    Unisured motorist is very important for motorcyclists to carry. Sure, we usually make only a small dent in the car we hit but if we survive uninsured motorist pays for things like long term care and changes to your home allowing recovery at home that medical and the other guys' insurance does not cover. Talk to a knowledgable agent about it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Cutter J. Duke View Post
    Every time I have ever tried to insure a motorcycle, sport bike, Harley, enduro or whatever, Dairyland insurance has beaten everyone else out. Not just for cost but also for service, and when I traded my GSX-R in five months into a policy I got a refund check in the mail for almost half of what I had paid for a year, so there is definitely something about what they consider a sport bike.
    Thanks. I might have to check them out. I've been with Progressive for a few years with several vehicles and felt I had good service when I did need to file a claim. I'm very happy I can get most of what I need from their web site without ever having to talk to an agent. I'm hoping that accident statistics will eventually show it is less risky than a sport bike and drive what they charge down.

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    I'm also in Texas on Gulf Coast, insure full coverage with GEICO for $434 a year.

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    Pabaldeagle, I had GEICO on my Harley when Hurricane Ike came through and killed it. As soon as we got cell phone service and finished up with all the other problems, I called them. Adjuster was out the next day, it was settled within a week. The roads were almost impassable, internet service was zero, cell phone was spotty, and they were overrun. They were still quick and that's why we cancelled our other car insurance, other than having no cars either, but went with GEICO on everything. They're also the nicest folks on the phone I've ever dealt with, always.

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    Try Foremost insurance. For me they were about $70.00 cheaper than progressive. I paid about $370.00 for the year. Full coverage except medical payments.

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    Foremost is the cheapest i have found.

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    I spoke with a GEICO representative on the phone about a month ago and she told me the NCX was classified as a scooter. I'm paying $305/yr for the Honda and $250/yr for my lady friend's 2011 Yamaha, with the multiple bike discount.

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    I must live in the worst neighborhood for insurance. Foremost charged me $1500 for liability, uninsured motorist, and theft insurance. I went to GEICO: $740 for full coverage.

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