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Thread: Most accurate way to check oil with a centerstand.

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    Oil expands a little when hot. Therefore Honda recommends checking when the engine is warm. I checked is warm and noted the level. The next morning I checked it cold and noted the level. I now can do a quick check hot or cold. Iím not going to warm up the bike just to check the oil level. If the bike is running, Iím riding it.
    I havenít noticed any oil usage at all, so it is more of a safety check since the acceptable range is so wide. A quick check when I get home from work on Friday and a spritz of chain lube sums up my bi-weekly service.


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    I just checked my NC700X DCT's oil now on a warm Saturday. I did not run the bike yet, but wanted to write this down first. Will try again when I get home from a short ride later with warm oil and will do some detailing while I wait the 2-3 minutes for the oil to settle!

    Anyway, checking oil by just seating the dipstick into the hole with the bike on the kickstand (flat parking garage) showed NO OIL! Tried it twice, not screwing the dipstick in, and it was dry when I pulled it out. This had me concerned.

    Next, I put the bike up on its centerstand and checked level again. It was a little over the upper level both times I checked. So it makes a big difference and one should never check the oil with the NC700X on the sidestand.

    Then I put the bike back down off the centerstand, on its sidestand, and pulled it over to an upright position. This is difficult to do and I had to try it twice, not being 100% sure the bike was totally upright. The oil level was not noticeably different from when it was on the centerstand.

    Will report back after my ride.

    UPDATE- no difference in oil level when hot. No oil shows on the dipstick when on the sidestand, and when up on the centerstand the level was about the same as before.
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    I got to thinking about this a bit more. To be honest, I realized that I pretty much quit checking the oil level on my NC700X. Same with the Goldwing. It got so boring checking the level and always seeing it at the correct level, I guess I just quit checking it. On either of these bikes, I’ve never needed to add oil between the 8000 mile change intervals. I know I should be making an effort to check the oil level, but apparently I rarely do it anymore.

    Back on the subject of the level variation with hot vs cold oil, also note that when the engine was just ran, the oil became aerated and the level might appear higher than after letting the engine sit awhile.

    Also realize, as was already mentioned, that the acceptable level is a range, not an exact point. Give or take a half pint on the NC and it probably won’t make any difference.
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    I'm just going to say I'm an engineer in a field where lubrication is important, but wow, this is overthinking things.
    What the molecules are is very important. The number of significant figures past the first one regarding how many of those molecules are present, not so much.

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    Iíve been blessed. All of the motorcycles Iíve ever owned have never needed oil in between changes. Therefore, if there is oil on the stick on a quick check, Iím golden.

    The acceptable oil range is quite large. This allows for a large margin of safety if the level is anywhere near the upper spec. I believe that as long as there is any oil on the dipstick at all, the engine will run fine. There is an oil pressure warning light to indicate an immediate issue. You would have to be a lot more than a quart/liter low before you are even close to having an oil issue. Iíve read numerous posts on NC forums where people rode their bike for weeks after a dealer service and when they checked the oil, they had to add almost a whole quart. They never had an oil light come on. Didnít have any symptoms. They just thought to check the oil level and saw it was low.


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    I'm quite sure the OP planned to start this thread on April 1st, but just couldn't control himself. Same issue he has washing his hands every 15 minutes.

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