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Thread: Took a Spill

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    Took a Spill

    A few weeks ago I took a spill on the berm of a mountain road here in South Carolina. I came away with two broken ribs and strained rotator cuff muscles on the left side, a cracked bone in my right hand. I was out of work for a week and slept in the recliner for a couple weeks since it was less painful to get in and out than laying down in the bed. With damage on both sides even simple daily tasks were excruciating. Things are better now but I'm still recovering.
    I attribute the accident primarily to fatigue. I shouldn't have been riding at all. I was in the middle of a planned five week outage at the plant working a 12-hour night shift. I was just getting used to working nights but I had two days off. I should have kept to the schedule by sleeping during the day and staying up all night. But the weather was nice and I didn't know when I'd get to ride again. I had taken a short ride the day before and it was good. So even though I was sleepy, I set off on a two hour ride. I was familiar with the roads. The weather was cool, sunny and clear. There was little traffic and the roads were dry.
    The first hour and a half were good but I was getting tired. Coming down the mountain entering a long sweeping left turn a little fast, I panicked. I grabbed the brakes hard and stayed on them while the bike straightened up. When I hit the berm the bike immediately laid down. Fortunately it was soft loamy soil with thick grass, the softest kind of landing possible.
    Several people stopped to help. I was running on adrenaline thinking I'd get the bike upright and ride it home. I felt sore but thought it was just a few sore muscles. The bike landed just over the edge of the berm on a downward slope. Had I been much faster I might have ended up in the woods below with no one realizing I was there. We couldn't get the bike upright while on the slope. One guy had a tow strap and we got it back up on the berm and upright.
    By then I realized I was not in good shape and the bike wasn't rideable. I called AAA who could be there in an hour. One of the guys stayed with me and I warmed up in his pickup. By then I was coming off the adrenaline with periods of shaking and lightheadedness. He asked me if I had any chest pains and I said 'No' even though the ribs and torn muscles were hurting.
    After a couple days I figured out it was more than sore muscles and went to the ER to get checked out. I still haven't cleaned the bike but it looks like only a little real damage. It doesn't start but it likely is associated grass and mud interfering with one of the interlocks.
    At 70 I don't bounce like I used to in my 20s riding motocross, enduros, and hare scrambles. And I can't ride without pushing it a little. It may be time to hang it up.

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    Sorry for what happened. Any crash we can walk away from is lucky. May be a life lesson here, pay attention to your feelings and gut - you're the only one you can trust on this.

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    There's no reason to give up doing something that brings you joy just because you can't stop pushing so hard. You're the one doing it; you can change it. You just have to learn to enjoy it a different way
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    Glad youíre OK Garry. ďGiving it upĒ is a personal decision only you can make, and after something like this itís understandable youíd consider it. Give it some time though, and donít even think about riding for a while. Youíll miss it, and start again, only with a different mind set. Iím 59, and in good shape (for my age), but I know my reflexes arenít what they used to be, and what I tell people is I have an old mans bike, and I ride like an old man. Do I enjoy it just as much as when I was 25? You bet I do! Just do it differently thatís all, and Iím thankful for every day, and every thing I can still do! You have my best wishes whatever you decide.

    P.S. I still ride the quad you see in my avatar also. Mostly on sand dunes with friends and family. Life is good!
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    Ride safe, Carl

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    Sorry to hear of the crash. Hope you get healed up soon.

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    Get well! Also test ride a canam ryker - that 3rd wheel, traction control and much more rubber on the road is welcome when you're tired or in traffic. They steer a hair better on the hiway than the spyder I rode and are cheaper

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    I was only 6 months into riding again after a 30 year absence. Up in the mountains of NC with a bunch of other riders. Ended up doing a high side. Came away relatively unscathed. The bike only had superficial damage. However, my head was a mess. I managed to get back to camp However, how was I going to do the 5 hour ride home. I was shaken. The next morning, I was up early, before everyone else, I left camp and rode home.

    I was 56, not 70, I was uninjured, I was lucky. I wish you well in your decisions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zeronine View Post
    Get well! Also test ride a canam ryker - that 3rd wheel, traction control and much more rubber on the road is welcome when you're tired or in traffic. They steer a hair better on the hiway than the spyder I rode and are cheaper
    if I was getting something with 3 wheels I'd at least want it to lean properly rather than ride like a quad

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    Sorry to read of your mishap. Get well soon and perhaps you will feel differently about riding in a few weeks.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Junkie View Post
    if I was getting something with 3 wheels I'd at least want it to lean properly rather than ride like a quad

    I wonder if maybe other people have differing opinions about this?

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