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Thread: Best Polycarbonate Windshield

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    Best Polycarbonate Windshield

    I am considering a windshield upgrade for my 2016 NC 700X OEM windshield, what do you guy’s recommend and why?
    All reply’s will be welcomed.

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    Cee Baileys or OEM Honda "Tall." In my opinion, of course.

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    It would help to know what your goals are. Looks, ultimate wind protection, low cost?

    The Madstad is very popular because it offers good wind protection with low buffeting. But some people are put off by the looks and some have interference problems with handguards.

    I would be leary of mid height screens like the Givi or Honda touring screen, because they put the windblast at your neck or face and increase noise.

    You are are definitely not the first person to ask such an open question about windscreens. I strongly suggest you read through existing forum posts on the subject, otherwise we’re just rehashing the same old information that’s already been posted. Here is a thread that is rather old, but discusses windshield choices: Best Aftermarket Windscreen (Links to each for comparison)

    Note that windscreens made for 2012-2015 models do not fit 2016+ models.
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    Best Polycarbonate Windshield


    Iíd also say that if you go with a screen to provide much greater wind protection (i.e., a large screen) youíll want to seriously consider getting Daleís nut plates - these are threaded metal plates that sit behind the stock mounting holes to provide a much stronger and more stable base for the screen mounting bolts. The stock well nuts can have a hard time with the extra weight and force a large screen puts on them.

    I use a CalSci screen - I was looking for wind & rain protection. I had to to get one made without the side ďwingsĒ (extensions) so my barkbusters would not hit at full lock left or right.

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    I had a CalSci screen but it cracked. I like the Madstad replacement better. I wish I had gotten it a little taller than stock but it's still great. No interference with handguards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Antarius View Post
    Cee Baileys or OEM Honda "Tall." In my opinion, of course.
    Cee Bailey no longer makes motorcycle windshields. They went back to their original product (airplane windshields).

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    +1 one on the Madstad windshield. I have one with the winglets on my 2013 NC700XD with Kobra handguards with no problem.

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    National Cycle's Vstream is the one polycarbonate windscreen I know of. Old Can Ride loved his- National Cycle Vstorm Touring Tall Clear Windshield

    Just check they have for the second generation model (2016+) if that's what you have

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    The question is about polycarbonate windshields. I have a Madstad and love it. It is however acrylic...
    MadStad Engineering FAQ I'm no expert on the screen materials for the other manufacturers listed but I like HarveyM's answer
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    I have multiple windsheilds for my 2012. The V Stream is far and away the best quality shield I have tried. It is very thick polycarbonate supported by very strong tubular steel bracket that is bolted to the bike. Optical quality is superb. If I knew I was going to take a bird strike, its the shield I'd want to be behind.
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