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Thread: I've a Dream (Spare wheel set)

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    I've a Dream (Spare wheel set)

    Hi everone
    I'm using my NC750x dct mostly in Town. But One or twice a month I'm doing trail riding camping etc. I have a set of TKC80's for this. Normally I'm using PR4's in town.
    Its very difficult to change tires for 1 or 2 day trail riding than turn back for city tires. I'm thinking to buy complete set of wheels (Disc brakes and abs circle) and put TKC80 on it. (One of my friend do this with his 1200GS ). If I can buy a set and put TKC's on it , Its very easy to change wheels I can do it by my self.
    Difficulty is original wheels are too Expensive. I ask it to dealer Front and rear wheels , disks and , abs part… About the half price of the used NC750.
    I'm looking for second hand wheels. Its also very dificult to find them (I can only bought rear Wheel whitout disc and abs circle)
    Now I'm looking for the bikes which uses exact same wheels and brake system (I'm not sure if there is or not) . If there is such a this bike (For example CB500x or CBR250r) it will be much easier to find used wheels with affordable prices.
    I'm so sorry for my poor english. I hope you understand my thoughts.

    All the Best
    Bülent Berksan

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    There was a thread or two on this subject some time ago, and I recall the consensus was that wheels for the NC700X were impossible to find at any kind of reasonable price. Probably worse for the 750 unless the wheels and related abs parts are the same. Then it’s still not reasonable.

    I think the conclusion was it would be better to buy a used dirt bike, or even a used 2012 NC700X if you could find one cheap, and set it up for dirt.

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    I did this once with my former KTM 690 Enduro. Got the spare set of wheels and used them a few times. Then I got tired of the process and after a while the spares were just lying there. In the end I put on a set of tyres that worked reasonably well on most surfaces and sold the spare set. Unless You are travelling a lot in mud, most road tyres work reasonably well on dry loose surfaces.
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    You're right. Thank you very much.

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    I think the CTX models have wheels that would fit but they are even more rare than the NC models.

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