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Thread: Top speed frustration

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    Top speed frustration

    I've got a 2016 NC700X with about 1400 miles on it, had about 900 miles on it when I bought it eariler this year, obviously hadn't been ridden much. It has a Madstad windshield and bar risers on it, and I put a Seat Concepts seat on it. I can't get the damn thing over 95 mph, wide open throttle. I've put two doses of BG LK 44 gas additive in it, and that seemed to help. I run no-ethanol premium in it, premium so as to get the ethanol-free gas, and that gas additive seemed to help add about 10 mph (over the previous 85 mph). I weigh about 235 lbs and I'm sure my ATGATT adds another 15-20 lbs. Am I being unrealistic for expecting more? Are there any suggestions for achieving a higher top end?

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    It sounds like, under the circumstances, the NC700X is performing as expected. About all you could do for improvement is remove the Madstad, put a stock screen on it, and ride in a tuck. You could possibly fine tune the gearing a bit to maximize top speed potential. If you really need to go faster than 95 mph, perhaps trade for a different motorcycle.

    No one on the forum in the past 6 years has expressed much concern over top speed, so we don't have experience to draw upon. I've never had need to go over 75 mph, so I have no idea what my NC's top speed might be.
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    Are there any suggestions for achieving a higher top end?

    Yes. Buy a different motorcycle.

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    95 sounds about right with a Madstad.


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    Top speed is dependent on HP & aerodynamics. Weight is irrelevant so long as the tires aren't being deformed. The engine has low compression, so high octane gas buys nothing. I used a Madstad for a couple of weeks and it added so much drag that now it lives in the attic. Keeping in mind that the relationship between power and speed is exponential, it takes lots more power to go not a whole lot faster.

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    I'd say that's about what we'd expect from this bike.
    Mine can get up to about 90 reasonably fast but with its limited power it's not going to get much over that.
    And with its suspension and single front brake I wouldn't want to push it at that speed for very long.

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    Would changing the gearing make any difference? My guess is it would not because the bike might not have the HP to pull higher gearing but there is only one way to find out.

    Also, Madstad will sell you a different windscreen and you could conceivably put a smaller one on it but I don't think it would make a big difference.


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    Ok, guys, thanks for the replies. It's not that I need to go much faster, just that I thought that it might. By the way, I have 5 motorcycles: 2014 FJR, 2015 Concours, 2008 Suzuki B King (Google it--it's the fastest of the bunch; 150 mph before I chickened out) 2017 Yamaha FZ6R, and the NC700. And no, I'm not some crazy kid; I'm 69, but just like to go fast sometimes. It's good to know that my NC700 is performing about as expected. Thanks again to all who replied.

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    Top speed frustration
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    Yes, you're being unrealistic in expecting a top end speed of more than 95 mph. As others have commented, if you really want to go faster buy a different bike.

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    Make sure tire pressure is high enough, you are on a level road or going down hill, and tucking helps, along with no head wind. Leave it in 5th until you get close to red line. Mine will do 105mph on a level road. Bike is not nearly as fast as my '14 FJR.

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