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Thread: Handguard vs Handlebar Muffs.

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    Handguard vs Handlebar Muffs.

    I own a 2015 Honda NC700XD and with Winter coming on I'm trying to decide which handguards I should purchase for the bike. One would be permanently mounted (handguards) and the other would be mounted just for winter. I ask you more seasoned riders which one should I choose. I commute all year around and don't own a car. What is your opinion on the two products listed below:

    NC700X '12-15' : HP1111 HAND PROTECTOR

    Tucano Urbano R365 Scooter Motorcycle Handlebar Muffs

    Thank You!

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    Hand guards do not much to keep your hands warm. I tried muffs but did not like the movement restrictions they give. I use heated grips. They only heat the inside so you have to move (squeeze) your hands constantly. Never tried heated gloves but they are also an option.
    For days <5C I use a heated vest, because after 0.5h (my commute is 1h) everything becomes cold.

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    Senior Member Handguard vs Handlebar Muffs.
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    I have the Givi hand guards and can assure you that they will not be enough for a Colorado winter. I use Hippo Hands and they do very well. I would like to mention that if you use muffs, you will also need something like handguards to keep them rigid while riding. The air pressure will push the muffs against the your hands and the controls. This can limit your operation of levers and even a small constant pressure on a clutch/brake lever can cause premature wear. I don't know the specific on how these muffs are constructed, but you may very well need both.
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    I have handguards. They are better than nothing, but if it is cold I use some Tusk mitts or covers. I also have some highway 21 battery powered heated gloves that work well.

    I do have heated grips but don’t use them that much. Again, they are better than not having them.

    Nothing is a 100% solution and every solution has problems as well.

    Even moving to Arizona would have some disadvantages.

    So it is not “versus.” Why not both?
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    On my former NC700X I mounted Barkbusters Storms. They consist of an Aluminium basic hand guard frame with the plastic wind shields attached. See.......

    2012 Honda NC700X | Doin' Time | Motorcyclist

    During Winter I used to take off the plastic shields which were easily detachable, and put on a pair of old soft Givi muffs over the frames. That way there was no interference from the Muffs on the levers at speed. The combination was very effective. The Barkbuster kits are very robust in a fall.
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    Interesting, i have a set of large muffs for my 4-Wheeler and never thought of using them on the motorcycle...Doooooh. What a great idea! :{)
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    I use handguards year round and then throw these on for cold or rain. Enduro 3/4 Grip Mitt Also have heated glove liners that work better for me than heated grips. Help keep the tops of your hands warm, not just your palms.

    Handguard vs Handlebar Muffs.-img_20181004_175903-jpg

    This photo kind of shows the grip mitts. They are not huge but deflect rain and wind pretty good.
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    As others have posted, hand guards are designed to protect your hands, (from small twigs, branches while on a trail) and will do very little for cold weather riding. I have hand guards, factory heated grips, and Held winter gloves. But, when the temps get low, I plug in the heated gloves. When the temps get REALLY low (teens or so) the heated socks, pants, and jacket get fired up.

    Never tried the muffs, don't like the idea of having my hands covered.
    Rob in New England
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    I purchased the cheap handguards from Cycle Gear (trackside?), and when the temps get really low, take off the plastic part. The metal frame make a good structural support for handlebar muffs, if they are large enough to fit over frame. Can't remember the brand of muffs I have. I was a little hesitant to have my hands covered, but the benefit is I can wear my thinner, summer weight gloves inside the muffs. I thought it was much safer than trying to use winter gauntlets. If you have huge winter gloves on, good luck trying to fit them back in the muffs while going over 30mph.
    I also have heated glove liners though. Usually the effect of the handguards blocking the wind coupled with the heat from the liners is enough. The muffs go on below 40F or so.

    I feel like I have more control with thinner, tactile gloves, even with the muffs on, as opposed to huge puffy winter gloves. And of all the expensive winter gloves I have purchased, none were as effective at blocking the wind chill effect as either of the options you listed.

    But, in response to your request for opinion, I am seriously thinking about ordering those Tucano muffs you linked to. They look way better than the ones I have. Mine look ridiculous.

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