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Thread: How many miles on your DCT?

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    Senior Member rmezei's Avatar
    Bike: 2017 Honda NC750X DCT
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    Jan 2017
    26000 km no issues ... knock on wood
    Always replaced DCT filter on oil change

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    Senior Member How many miles on your DCT? dduelin's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by showkey View Post
    Honda CVT on the (automotive side) use a torque converter. They dropped the start clutch because of poor feel (drive ability), chatter and short life. Converter resolved those issues.
    ".....over pure torque converter automatics."

    Edit to clarify post 19.


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    Senior Member How many miles on your DCT?
    How many miles on your DCT?

    Bike: 2015 NC700X DCT
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    Apr 2015
    Olympia, WA
    2015 - 23000 miles
    Tires/ oil/ oil (and DCT) filters/ chain / and a bunch of farkles but no mechanical issues at all.
    Love the bike. Sad to hear what's going on with Telecam.
    I may be getting older, but I refuse to grow up.

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    2016 nc700xd

    Changed oil and filters (more often than spec.) new chain, checked valves. No problems at all, and 26,200 miles in 25 months, with 1-1/2 months off for a pacemaker. Really like to ride this bike and love the ability to change it's character with the click of a paddle.

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    Senior Member How many miles on your DCT? Afan's Avatar
    Bike: 2013 NC700X DCT
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    Sep 2016
    Bought a 2013 with only 4K miles on it in May 2017. Rode about 15K miles since (19K in total). Mostly commute to work, 120 miles, and couple LD trips.
    DCT works great. A bit "louder" when switching gears, and still nervous when hear lugs while in D.
    Last couple months I found myself using MT more often, and I like it.
    Instead million dollars, give me million miles!

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    Senior Member How many miles on your DCT? FezUSA's Avatar
    Bike: 2016 NC700X DCT
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    Quote Originally Posted by 670cc View Post
    How many miles on your DCT?

    Responding to the questions literally, my 2012 Ford Fiesta DCT has 103,000 miles. The clutch pack was replaced under warranty at 97,000 miles due to jerky engagement, slippage, and noise. Ford extended the warranty to 100,000 miles due to the vast number of problems and customer complaints they’ve had with their DCT, called the PowerShift transmission. Currently the transmission in my car is working well. The sole reason I chose the DCT was that it’s an automatic that can be towed indefinitely behind an RV with four wheels down.

    With Ford dropping most cars from its lineup, their DCT will likely die, too. News articles I noticed say that BMW is dropping DCT as an option in its cars. It seems possible that the use of DCT in automobiles may have reached it’s peak and is fading.
    This summer I traded in my wife's '13/'14 Fiesta SE with their version of DCT. Liked it at the beginning, hated it most of the time. Jerky on slow starts, jerky on uphill starts, jerky on slow uphills 1-2-3 gear. Local dealership did all the replacements that Ford would allow, but never a clutch pack. When it needed a bunch of other stuff fixing we traded it in for a Hyundai Kona. Ford refusing to acknowledge how bad their implementation left a bitter after taste for us! And I learned to drive in the UK in the 90's when you learned to drive in a manual as only luxury cars were autos. And when the Fiesta would get re-programmed it would be fine for a month or so and then it was back to jerky shifting in the 1-2-3 gears.

    Now my '16 NC700 has 14.5k miles on it as I only commute <15 miles to work, and with 5 kids my weekend jaunts on a bike are few and far between! DCT has been flawless the whole time. Started riding just using D, then S1 > S2 > S3 then back to S2. After taking the MSF with my eldest daughter I started riding in MT 90%+ of the time. Why MT over the other options? Because I like it!! It will still downshift automatically if I'm coasting up to a light, but most of the time I'm controlling the up/down shifts. 2-6 are butter smooth, 1-2 can be a little jerky if I'm in traffic and hovering around the 15mph point.

    Overall, love the DCT. Keep looking at the VFR1200X DCT. When the youngest ones are older I can see one of those being in my future for more long distance touring!! Although that Kawi H2 SX SE with a quick shifter also sounds interesting. Certainly not a DCT, but a fun looking "tourer"!!
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    Senior Member Hank's Avatar
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    Apr 2016
    2015, 14,000 miles.]

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    Bike: 2014 NC-700X, 2018 Gold Wing DCT Tour
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    Apr 2016
    Mid-Atlantic USA
    2014. Just over 19,000 miles.

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