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Thread: D or S Mode on DCT bikes

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    I use both of them - D & S - depending on the situation. S when I need engine braking (downhills, turns) and D for anything else. Also a sudden throttle opening makes D to behave like S for sometime, useful for an overtake...

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    It's great to see how everyone does it differently.
    I generally use S1 with very little highway or city driving, mostly country and mountain roads.

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    I use D in the city and sometimes on open roads as well, because like it has been said, even D can be sporty, it's in the throttle and brakes, how you use them, so it behaves accordingly. At WOT it will accelerate from lights just like in S mode and in the city I don't need to run in higher RPMs in slow traffic, but if I need to accelerate I can always drop a gear or two manually or just open the throttle wide enough to let the bike know I really mean it. If you use throttle and brakes more aggressively the bike will adjust to your mood for a short period and will cool down again when you let go. For longer stretches of aggressive riding I switch to one of the S modes or manual.

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    Does anyone know what the S setting on a 2012 NC700X equates to on one of the newer NC700X's with multiple S modes?

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    For me, it's about 50/50.

    Most of my riding is commuting, with a few hills. I use S for uphills (gradual or steep) and for when I want confident responsiveness on flats. I use D for downhills (gradual or steep) or when I'm taking it real easy on flats. In either mode, I think the DCT downshifts wonderfully. I don't manually downshift for compression braking -- I let the brakes do what they're made for.

    I do find that the DCT in D mode shifts earlier than I want when I'm starting from zero and turning a corner. Also, when I'm going up hill in D, there are also many times when the bike feels like it's lugging. There's still power, but it feels a bit rough at such low RPM. That's when I'll either manually downshift or change to S mode.

    That brings up a pet peeve of mine -- the DCT upshifts much too soon after I manually downshift. One example is when I'm going up a gradual hill at 35-40 in D. The bike is in 6th, lugs a bit, so I downshift to 5th, but a few seconds later, the DCT shifts back to 6th. Sometimes I repeat the process 4-5 times until I top the hill. I wish the DCT would hold the downshift until I manually upshift. I downshifted for a good reason, so respect what I did.

    Anyway, I love my 2012 NC700X DCT!
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    In that situation don't downshift in D, just go into S mode. It should downshift when you need to give it more gas and at 35-40 it will keep you out of too high of a gear and lugging. Or try going into Manual mode, downshifting into the proper gear, then go back into D when things are flat.

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