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Thread: D or S Mode on DCT bikes

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    S, always. The shudder at 40 mph in 6th gear drives me bonkers otherwise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilverRocket View Post
    I change in and out of D and S1 depending on traffic and speeds.

    If I'm just cruising on streets to work or home, not in a hurry, I keep it in D.

    But if I come up on heavy traffic and have to split lanes I want to tighten things up, so will go into S1. That also gives the bike a bit of engine braking, as I will be in a lower gear than if in D mode, where it seems like if I let off the throttle the bike just cruises along in neutral until speed drops enough to mandate a downshift.
    I almost never downshift in Manual mode. It's just a bit awkward for my thumb to reach that lower - button. At stops the bike downshifts itself all the way into first gear, but only at very low speeds.

    I may also switch into S mode for getting onto the freeway. I don't like the D mode shifting into 6th gear too early (39 mph!?) when I'm trying to get up to speed quickly.
    An alternative to switching into S mode from D would be to just go to manual mode. That way I can hold the bike in gear (usually 5th gear when getting up to speed) longer than D mode would allow.
    Once I'm at freeway speed I'll switch back into what ever mode I will be needing.
    For a transmission capable of doing everything by itself, it seems like a lot of intervention is required.

    The DCT is amazing, but when I ride a DCT I use manual mode all the time (never seem to be happy with the automatic shift points). It’s nice that it shifts down automatically when coming to a stop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmark10 View Post
    S, always. The shudder at 40 mph in 6th gear drives me bonkers otherwise.
    Geez, tell me about it. This is why I prefer M 80% of the time

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    Depends on my mood...if I want a relaxed ride D...if i want to have fun in some twisties, S
    Use paddles as needed, but very seldom.
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    S3 (2016 DCT) all the time.
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    S2 all the time. I was using S1 for a while, but I like how S2 holds the gears longer.

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    I have a 2013 and use for the manual shift paddles almost all the time. It maybe a control thing lol

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    S2 all the time. except longer hwy then D

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    I find S is what I use in city stop-and-go riding, and also in hilly or varying terrain. I keep it in D for most basic riding. Last week, in my third run through the Tail of the Dragon, I found it worked best for me to use M and to keep it in 2nd gear the entire way (it never downshifted.)

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    D makes me punch the shift levers frequently. S does not.

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