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Thread: HELP! Front Fender - remove replace?

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    HELP! Front Fender - remove replace?

    I have the triumph guards on the forks so Iím not sure if that made this more difficult??

    It was a massive pain to get it off. Usually they just unbolt and slide forward and off. This one I have to bend, wiggle and force it upwards to come off. It doesnít look like the triumph fork seal protectors caused any blocking.

    There is this huge piece of metal shaped like an X that Iíve also never seen before.

    Anyone have any direction for me?

    If you got it off and on with zero issues Iíll probably take the fork guards off then put them back on.

    Anything ?


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    The Triumph deflectors definitely need to come off to remove/install the front fender on the X. If you remove the fender brace you may be able to flex the fender a little, to better clear the seal area of the lower fork tubes.

    There is a little silver cylindrical spacer under one of the four fender bolts. Don’t lose it.

    What model and year is your bike?
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    Greg....thanks VERY much.

    2016 700 DCT.

    Iíll definitely take off the triumph guards based on your direction.

    Any insight as to how I should be re-installing? I have the little metal circle things. 2 came out and 1 stayed in and the 4th seems to be built into brace.

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    Yeah, I can never quite get it off with the tire still on. Easy enough to just take the wheel off.

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