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Thread: Taking a MSF course on a new motorcycle?

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    Thanks for all the replies guys.
    To be clear for future readers of this thread, I'm not a new rider. I just have a new NC700X that I wanted to use for the course. My concern was for the new engine because of all the time where the bike would be sitting still and idling during the course.
    The Advanced Rider course requires that students provide their own motorcycle to participate. If not the NC, then my other choice is a 760lb top-heavy 1300 that will boil you with engine heat while idling in a parking lot on a hot June afternoon. That choice doesn't appeal to me.
    I passed 500 miles on the ride in to work today. I should pass the 600 mile service this weekend, so I'll have fresh oil and a properly broken-in engine before the class in two weeks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jt105 View Post
    I took the Basic Rider course years ago when I first got my motorcycle license. I just wanted to have a refresher course, learn some new skills and get a rebate on my insurance. The NC is so easy to ride I already feel comfortable enough on it to take the class. I was just concerned about the low miles.
    You guys are saying not to worry about the engine, so I guess I'll sign up for the most convenient date.

    I am a re-entry rider who came back to riding 13 years ago after a 20 year hiatus. I take various riding courses to refresh skills or learn new ones on average every two years since and applaud you in your effort. I always learn something or get called out for a bad habit I've picked up.

    Either bike you feel comfortable on is the one to ride and the extending idling won't hurt it.


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    Just completed the Advanced Rider Course today. There was about three hours of class time followed by five hours on the bikes. It rained pretty much the whole time.

    I am glad I had run the NC past the first service before the class. We really pushed the bikes hard. Also, I was familiar with the bike and was comfortable with all the controls and handling. This class is for learning skills and to push yourself, not an orientation for your new motorcycle.

    At times, there was a smell of clutches and brakes in the air. We did a lot of emergency braking, trail braking, turn-stops, etc. Many of the exercises require you to accelerate quickly then brake, turn, accelerate, brake, repeat.

    It was also nice to have the rain as we pushed traction hard while practicing. My chicken strips are less than 1/4". We really got aggressive in the turns. With two instructors and only six students, we had a lot of riding time to increase speeds, shorten stopping distance and push the turns and swerves.

    Good mix of bikes, from a 160hp Ducati to a Zero electric motorcycle. The smallest was a new Honda Rebel 500. One guy had his "Loud pipes saves lives" cruiser there. He rode ok, but it really took away from the lesson having to follow that noisy thing during an exercise.

    I recommend taking the ARC if you haven't already or if it has been a while since you've taken a class. They changed some of the material and revised some of the riding lessons. It was definitely worth the $50 and a Saturday I invested.


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