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Thread: Lost keys for NC700SA

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    Supporting Vendor Lost keys for NC700SA
    Lost keys for NC700SA
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    could you not disable the hiss and just change the lock?
    this a write up from another forum not nc related but the hiss is more or less the same...............

    hey Guys, I thought I would write this up in case anyone was interested in adding keys to their HISS enabled bikes without paying a hefty amount to do it. It probably cost me about Rs 200 in parts not including the key.

    This procedure was for a 2000 CBR 600 F4 but work on other similar models HISS models until 2007. From what I know 2008 onward this trick won’t work as the main fuses flow up each time you try to do it. Haven’t tried to hot wire and jump the fuses though.

    What is H.I.S.S. Immobilizer

    The electronic immobilisers Honda Ignition Security System (H.I.S.S.) makes sure that the engine can only be started when using an "original key". The system cannot be bypassed by either hot-wiring the ignition or exchanging the ignition switch module. A chip in the original ignition key recognizes signals from the Engine Control Unit and sends a special ID verification signal. If the signals do not match, the engine will not start.

    This process is not that difficult and involves creating a replica of the "Honda Special Tool" that costs well over $100 (plus shipping) and is probably only limited to dealers anyway (i didn't bother trying to buy it). If anyone is interested the Honda tool part number is 07XMZ-MBW0101.

    You will need 1 working ignition key to do this.

    *****CREATING THE TOOL******

    The tool is basically a set of leads that runs from your battery to your CKP sensor electrical connector.

    As I said I made my own for about Rs 200 in parts, which I all got from a local electronic shop. You need to have a soldering iron and a reasonable knowledge of how to use one.

    2 x 1m lengths of light to medium cable (also known as hookup wire). choose 2 different colours so it’s clear what is positive and what is negative.
    2 x battery connector clips
    1 x 1W 100R Carbon Film 5% Resistor
    2 x small female spade electrical connectors.

    So I'll try not to bore you all to death, but you basically solder your length of wire that you are going to use for the positive lead to the red battery connector, then cut it in the middle and solder in your resistor. I then covered this with the heatshrink tubing so it wasn't exposed. Another stolen picture:

    The negative doesn't require a resistor, so just solder the black battery connector on the end of the other length of wire.

    Keep in mind that your positive wire will be longer than your negative wire as you are adding length with the resistor, so trim it to the same length as the negative wire, then solder on your female spade bits.

    At this stage I zip tied the two lengths together and ran some electrical tape around and between the spade bits to keep them separate.

    *****SPARE KEYS*****

    There are 2 types of keys that you can get for your bike. One is about Rs 1000-1500 and has a transponder in it. (Don’t pay a single penny more than this, let me know if you want one) This is the key you need to program to your HISS receiver.

    The other style of key is about Rs 250 and has no transponder (good to use just for opening the tank and rear seat without wearing down your ignition key)
    If you get the Rs 250 key, it will not be able to be programmed as an ignition key as it has no HISS transponder in it.

    You buy the key as a blank and then go to a key cutting place to get it cut to the same spec as your original key. Don't pay more than Rs 100 to get it cut

    *****CODING THE KEY*****

    Now for the exciting part!
    1. Remove the right hand fairing side panel
    2. Disconnect the 2-pin wiring connector on your CKP sensor.
    3. Shove your DIY special tool into the connector and connect the positive and negative battery connectors to their respective battery terminals.
    4. Turn the ignition key to ON using your original key. The immobilizer indicator light should come on and stay on (if it starts flashing after 10 seconds there is a fault in your system).
    5. Now disconnect the positive battery connector for 5 seconds before reattaching it to the battery terminal. The indicator should now come on for 2 seconds then begin to flash repeatedly four times. This indicates the system is now in registration mode. At this point all previous keys except the one in the ignition have cleared/cancelled from the ECM memory, so if you have any extra spares they will need to be re-registered.
    6. Turn the ignition to OFF and remove the original key. Put it a couple of meters away from the bike so it doesn't interfere with the transponder in the new key.
    7. Insert the new key and the ignition to ON. The immobilizer indicator light should come on for 4 seconds then begin to flash repeatedly four times. This indicates the system has registered the new key. Success!
    8. If you have any extra keys you want to register, repeat step 7. Don't put the original key you started the process with in as it’s already registered.
    9. Once you have registered your spare key/s, turn the ignition to OFF, remove the DIY special tool and reconnect your CKP sensor.
    10. Now check all your keys start your bike.

    Good luck!

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