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Thread: 2014 DCT no start

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    2014 DCT no start

    I loaded up my 2014 NC700 DCT Saturday afternoon for a ride to Daytona to watch the Supercross race with my riding buddy. I turned the ignition key to on, the neutral light was illuminated. Hit the start button- nothing. I checked the kill switch and side stand still nothing. I recalled that last time I shut down I was in gear instead of neutral. I spun the rear wheel on the center stand, pressed the MT/AT, D/S and +/- buttons, no change in status. Called dduelin for help, he suggested disconnecting the battery. I did that and still no change in status. I had a spare battery so I replaced the battery and it started. There was nothing wrong with the battery.
    Lesson learned: If you shut down in gear it may lock up the transmission. You may be able to get the neutral light to come on using the neutral button but the transmission may not be in neutral. The solution for me was to remove the battery power (for more than a few seconds). During my trouble shooting I did a quick disconnect with no change in status. When I disconnected for the minute to change out the battery it was enough time to clear the lock up. Thanks dduelin for your help.

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    Does the trick about holding the front brake lever in apply here?
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    2014 DCT no start
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    I've made it a habit to shift to "N" before shutting the engine OFF.

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    The answer with these things is almost always the battery.
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    Did you have to reset the time and date on your info screen?

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    So the real test in this case is...............put the old battery back in..........the will verify ( or better said iliminate as the cause or least confirm the battery condition) if the battery or some other cause is the real reason for the no start.

    It goes with out saying but as soon as you touch the battery you also touch or change the cables and their connection and change their ability to carry the power. So a few more tests are needed to determine the exact cause.
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